On Justice, Part Six

Arguably, the trauma of 9/11 is something which the ‘Millennial’ generation and older have yet to fully recover from. Moreover, an entire generation after the Millennials were either too small to have any recollection of the event or were not even born at that time. One statistic that could reinforce the argument that the trauma of 9/11 has yet to recede from the American collective psyche is that while the GDP per capita of China is six times less than that of America, public health in China is better overall than in America. And while almost all Americans believe that their country is in the grip of some sort of mental health crisis, the cases of mental health problems and neurosis in general are almost non-existent in China and the Eastern world. Coincidentally and ironically, most Americans cannot even pinpoint the exact source of the trauma which underlies the mental health crisis that has taken grip of their country, because in order to pinpoint it, one has to dig very deep, and digging deep takes a lot of energy, pain, the overcoming of conscious repression and resistance, and above all else, lots of time. But as Anton Chekhov said: ‘Write about this young man squeezing drop by drop the slave out of himself and waking one fine morning feeling that real human blood, not a slave’s, is flowing in his veins.” 

Thus, someone from within the system has to be held accountable for the trauma and thus the mental health crisis which has arguably materialized from this trauma. Regardless of what one’s foreign policy objectives were, the hardline and criminal approach that was eventually taken towards the rest of the world at the beginning of the 21st century made no sense whatsoever and cannot be justified in any way possible. The hardline and criminal approach towards the world – the sham pretext of which was aided and abetted to a certain extent by one of America’s two closest allies, namely, Saudi Arabia – is then coupled with propaganda and tools such as Nazanin Boniadi who do not even represent the overwhelming majority of the people in the countries which are the targets of Washington’s Havana Syndrome-induced wrath. Washington feels entitled enough to demand other countries to override their cultures and heritage, all while concealing and ignoring and sweeping its own ‘Black Magic’ and gargantuan flaws under the rug. 

What helps with overcoming the trauma to a certain extent is to talk about it, hence, the notion of ‘free association’ as an all-important technique in energy healing and therapy. Nevertheless, regular people took the full brunt of the top-down cruelty and injustice over the course of the last three decades and have reacted to it in an emphatic manner, hence the Trump movement and populism and so forth. As a result, one cannot fully address an event like January 6, for instance, without addressing 9/11, given that these two events – both of which will go down as the two most traumatic events in the whole history of the United States – are interconnected with one another. But the histrionics of a body like the “January 6 Select Committee” will eventually fade, whereas the underlying cause of such histrionics will either be swept under the rug or will manifest through emerging political and social phenomena. 

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