Public Service Announcement, October 19, 2022

Dear friends and readers:

At the moment, I have two pieces coming through the pipeline, beyond which I have not yet thought about or considered. One is on the subject of “American Pragmatism.” And the other piece — the tentative title of which is “The Clash of the Two Americas: The Birth of a Eurasian Manifest Destiny” — may take a little more time to finish, given that I am awaiting some of the reading material for it.

Hopefully, this assuages any fears that I may be withholding any information or that I am being economical and stingy when it comes to sharing knowledge with everyone, given that not only do all of you deserve a certain degree of truth and transparency, but we are also perhaps in an age where there is no other choice but to be as truthful and transparent as possible, given all the rapid changes and evolutions which are occurring in our economic, political, and social spheres. As always, many thanks for your courtesy, interest, and support. All the best to everyone.

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