Book Recommendation, October 22, 2022

“On China” by Henry Kissinger. To give you just a very tiny anecdote in order to demonstrate and illustrate China’s rapid rise vis-à-vis the United States in recent decades, about twenty or thirty years ago, one US dollar stood at about 64 or 65 or even 70 to 90 Chinese yuan, depending on the exact point in time by which one pinpointed the value. Today, one US dollar stands at about 7 Chinese yuan. As Hans Morgenthau argued, power itself has six different dimensions: economic, military, population, territory, culture and history, and national spirit. China is replete and sufficient in regards to all of these six different dimensions of power. And in America or perhaps even the Western world as a whole, Kissinger’s firsthand experiences with China and his overall insights into China are a tour de force amidst all the literature on China that one can find, even though there is a variety of very good Western literature and Western sources on China. Nevertheless, there is the extraordinary and rare on one hand, and the ordinary and normal on the other hand. And Kissinger ranks amongst the former class or group.

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