“Saqi Bedeh Paimana Eh” – ساقی بده پیمانه ای

Original Artist: Ahmad Wali. Composition: Ustad Jalil Zaland. Rough translation: “Oh wine-giver, give me the right amount of wine, so that it alienates me from everything and everyone else. Let it enable me to love that craze-inducing beauty, more than I ever did before. Burn me to ashes and let me rise from them. Then throw me into the fire yet again. Allow me to lose myself. Alienate me from everything and everyone. That wine which gets me through the darkest and saddest nights? Let it rain on me as the sun rains on daybreak. I don’t mind looking like an ignoramus and idiot, as long as it enables me to overcome my anxieties, fears, and worries.”

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