Book Recommendation, October 30, 2022

“Non-Things” by Byung Chul-Han. An important and significant book but perhaps an obscure and largely unknown one amongst the mainstream regarding the issue of how the line between physical reality and cyber reality is now blurred. I mentioned how one politician after another ends up succumbing to the information ecosystem which is tangential to the broader and bigger issue of the line between physical and cyber being blurred. This political and social phenomenon of one politician after another succumbing to an information ecosystem that is now defined by the blurring of the line between physical and cyber has gone as far back as the Obama Administration, which failed to ward off Trump and his rise as a result of this phenomenon, despite their level of collective knowledge and expertise. Dan Pfeiffer (Obama’s communications director at the time) has written a book about how Obama and his people were essentially helpless in the face of this political and social phenomenon. It all very much evinces and obviates the belief and notion that ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) and cyberspace are shaping the physical and social world, and that the physical and social world are now very much on the receiving end of what goes on amidst AI and the cyber realm.

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