“Tura Afsoon e Chashmanam” – ترا افسون چشمانم

Poem by Forugh Farrokhzad, a 20th century female Iranian artist and poet, and one of my top three personal favorite artists and poets of all time, alongside Shakespeare and Rumi. Rough translation: “The magic of my eyes, has made you gone mad, I know. But don’t accuse me of having a cold heart. Why flee from my embrace, when this is the warmest embrace you will ever find? Aren’t you scared, that when I die, your name will be alongside mine on a dark and gloomy gravestone amidst a dark, gloomy and mournful night, because you were the true cause of my death? This life we live is worthless, and there is no purpose or value in distance and separation from one another. Sacrifice everything for just one moment of love and happiness. Kiss me, because these lips are a fountain of wine that will drive you mad, and only then will you know the true value and worth of madness.”

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