False Dilemma

I have mentioned this point a number of times before, but it is a point worth reiterating, given some of the current events and circumstances in the public sphere. The point is that the conflation of a critique of Zionism with antisemitism is what logicians would call a “False Dilemma.” In general, either logic has to prevail, or an illogical sentiment has to prevail, because the two cannot logically coincide with one another as a result of a logical rule known as the “False Dilemma.” 

In fact, many reasonable and informed Jewish folks who follow the facts and the literature do not buy the “False Dilemma” either, despite the mainstream pressure in America and England to equate Zionism with respect and sympathy for Jewish life and Jewish survival, even though these two thoughts cannot logically and rationally be reconciled upon deep and thorough analysis and reflection. But no one ever claimed that the American or British mainstream was logical and rational. And in fact, many individuals like myself have much more sympathy for Jewish life and Jewish survival than many folks who get publicity and visibility in the American mainstream, which in turn demonstrates the complex and paradoxical nature of many issues and situations. 

In general, many people in the American mainstream put on a shallow and superficial show of respect for Jews because of job security, whereas I personally have a genuine and sincere respect for Jews because of the acquaintances, friendships, and relationships I was able to forge in the past, in addition to the value I have always placed on Jewish culture, history, intellectualism, and Jewish women. 

Neoconservatism, for instance, is a blanket generalization of the intellectual and social dispositions of the Jewish people as a whole. The inability to go as far as accepting neoconservatism is a characteristic and trait that is shared between a number of non-Jews and a number of Jews. In fact, my naïve acceptance of neoconservatism as a graduate student was crushed and stamped out by two Jewish professors. 

In turn, the Zionism which the elite neoconservatism of the United States seeks to shield and protect is actually a European concept and an instrument of a colonial and xenophobic policy which does not reflect the actual identity of many Jewish folks. Zionism is not authentically and genuinely Jewish. Rather, Zionism is European. Many of the beneficiaries of Zionism have been Europeans rather than the Jews who have lived for centuries in non-European countries and non-European regions of the world. 

And as certain experts and scholars have noted, neoconservatism did irreparable damage to Israel at the start of the 21stcentury, and that irreparable damage is now being reflected in the political dysfunction in Israel as well as in its ‘security dilemma’ with Iran. The mistakes and folly of neoconservatism empowered Iran, whereas Israel has now entered into a state of political dysfunction and is vexed by a ‘security dilemma’ which is difficult to overcome. Hence, the refusal to equate Zionism with respect and sympathy for Jewish life and Jewish survival is not necessarily antisemitic. Rather, the refusal to equate the two actually takes respect and sympathy for Jewish life and Jewish survival into account, despite the confusion and misconceptions which may prevail amongst certain Western circles who have not thought about these issues deeply enough. 

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