Between Earth and Sky

It follows that our propagandistic activities and efforts, our propositions, and our ideas have to correspond and match with reality and truth. Otherwise, both the collective and individual outcomes and the ultimate results of a lack of correspondence with reality and truth and a mismatch between our propositions, propaganda, and ideas with reality and truth are disorder, hysteria, and neurosis on a very large scale and scope. As Hannah Arendt said, between the earth and the sky is truth. And as Edward Bernays wrote: “Intelligent men must realize that propaganda is the modern instrument by which they can fight for productive ends and help to bring order out of chaos.” 

In turn, psychoanalysis aims at uncovering the roots and the underlying causes of disorder, hysteria, and neurosis. By uncovering the roots and the underlying causes, one can then perhaps unveil and shed light on the ultimate truth that is needed in order to overcome the condition and the state of disorder, hysteria, and neurosis which has coincidentally gripped our society as of late. As mentioned before, neurosis is the outcome of an inability to cope with reality and the inability to understand reality. And at the heart of the inability to cope with reality and the inability to understand reality – and thus what is at the heart of the disorder, hysteria, and neurosis in general – are two conscious and psychic forces which are then enhanced by our environment and the people who surround us, namely, repression and resistance. 

Hence, the truth which would then “set us free” and cure us of the disorder, hysteria, and neurosis is buried somewhere amidst the conscious and psychic repression and resistance that is enabled and enhanced even further by the environment and the people around us. “Energy healing” and “Free Association” are perhaps the two most important techniques one has at their disposal in getting out one’s personal truth which is buried somewhere underneath the conscious forces of repression and resistance. As mentioned before, and as Freud and Jung contended, repression is what keeps the truth buried, and resistance is what pushes back against the buried truth when an individual makes a conscious and concerted effort at getting the truth out through either ‘energy healing’ or ‘free association.’ 

Freud argued that “the essence of repression lies simply in turning something away, and keeping it at a distance, from the conscious.” Freud also noted that “repression demands a persistent expenditure of force, and if this were to cease the success of the repression would be jeopardized, so that a fresh act of repression would be necessary.” But even if an idea or instinct is repressed, Freud argued that “even when it is unconscious it can produce effects, even including some which finally reach consciousness.” The reason for why the buried truth still has an effect and can manifest itself is: “The unconscious has the wider compass: the repressed is a part of the unconscious.” 

Given that repression is actually enveloped and encompassed by the unconscious, it follows that “what is unconscious can, through our efforts, be made conscious, and in the process we may have a feeling that we are often overcoming very strong resistances.” In turn, putting what arises to the conscious level back into an unconscious state through repression and resistance “plays a great part in the causation of neurotic disorders.” But even though repression is “mobile” and it aims itself towards the individual relentlessly, libido also has a mobile character and nature. And the power of “Eros” which is intertwined with the libido must also be considered when assessing the life of the psyche. 

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