Political Correctness

The immediate reactions from various world capitals and institutions to the alleged missile strike or rocket strike on Polish territory a short time ago is quite interesting and are worthy of assessing, analyzing, and comparing. As far as the Pentagon and the State Department are concerned, their immediate responses have been to “look into it” and to see if these missiles and rockets were a deliberate or intentional attack on Polish territory on the part of Russia. The White House had a more interesting response, in the sense that the White House cannot even confirm if a strike actually happened, whereas what was implicit in the State Department and Pentagon responses was that a strike did occur and that it was more an issue of origin and intent rather than an issue of whether a strike on Polish territory ever happened or not. Latvia’s histrionic response is perhaps not even worth mentioning. And Russia, most important of all, called the reports of a Russian strike on Polish territory “a deliberate provocation.” 

I had two major concerns about the Russia-Ukraine conflict or war both before it started and soon after it started in February of this year, both of which I voiced in the past and at a time when perhaps many people were questioning why I was doing what I was doing and were also writing me off as crazy or insane. One of my major concerns was a spillover of this petty Slavic war into NATO territory, the pettiness of which exceeds a ‘Farsi-Pashto’ war which America got itself involved in over the course of the last couple of decades and is now reeling from it. My second major concern was a Ukrainian attempt at deliberately dragging NATO into this petty Slavic conflict or war, given that Ukraine is no match for Russia and that Russian military prowess and technology would overwhelm Ukraine. Both major concerns – which I voiced a long time ago and were ignored because ignoring these concerns is part of a broader effort to deny a person of their existence and humanity – are now manifest and relevant. 

But there is another reason for why these two major concerns are major concerns in the first place, namely, the political correctness and toxicity which enable these two concerns to become major concerns. What is now manifest is that not only has political correctness enabled these two major concerns to become major concerns, but that political correctness can actually get someone killed these days. Pointless American involvement in Afghanistan and the Middle East has now been substituted for pointless involvement in a cheap and sleazy Slavic war. Whereas the first war was the jab that opened up American vulnerabilities and weaknesses, the latter has the potential to bring an end to Western civilization if NATO were to directly engage in a war with Russia over Ukraine.

Plus, in this day and age which requires radical truth and radical transparency from people, regardless of whether people are happy about it or not, political correctness amounts to nothing more than the repression of the mind, and with the repression of the mind comes many other dilemmas and problems, all of which become manifest if one has the courage to engage and partake in the energy healing and ‘free association’ that is necessary to overcome all these dilemmas and problems. But it is a kind of courage which certain individuals, none of whom will I name, are sadly lacking. 

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