The Formula

As I predicted, what is now evident from the early reports and findings of the investigation regarding the missiles or rockets which exploded on Polish territory yesterday is that the missiles and rockets were of Ukrainian origin. Poland and NATO refused to go as far as deciphering the design and the intent behind why Ukrainian missiles and rockets had to explode on Polish territory. But as I have stated before, my hypothesis as to why Ukrainian missiles and rockets had to explode on Polish territory is that the placement of Ukrainian missiles and rockets on Polish territory was an act of desperation on the part of the Ukrainian government which aimed at dragging NATO into the Slavic conflict between itself and Russia. 

The possibility of a Ukrainian operation inside Polish soil with the aim of dragging NATO into its Slavic conflict with Russia – especially when we take previous Ukrainian operations on Russian soil into account such as the ones which targeted Belgorod and Darya Dugina and so forth – cannot be discounted. “False flag” operations and deception are all normal and routine acts during a war. But the point is that instead of being drawn into a conflict with Russia over Ukraine, the aim for NATO should be to find a diplomatic resolution to the conflict, and this can occur only if NATO engages in serious and thoughtful diplomacy with Russia.

But if we are to take the broader context of the Ukraine-Russia conflict into account, Ukraine is a remnant or the residue of a decades-long policy out of Washington which has its roots in the ‘Nazification’ of the American state soon after World War II, when Nazi expertise and technology fostered the kind of foreign policy which now emanates out of Washington. I proposed a formula or an antidote which would take the place of the remnants or residue of this decades-long policy which has unethical and immoral roots and foundations that were put into place by Nazi expertise and Nazi technology:

  1. Abstain from the undermining of order and stability in other countries which in turn ends up sowing chaos and corruption in these countries 
  2. Deal with the governments who have skin in the game and who have a real stake in the social order of their societies instead of bolstering and propping up shady opportunists living in the West who are desperate for a contract at the expense of people’s lives

The employment of Nazi expertise and Nazi technology by places like Washington in other countries under the guise of moralism and values is something which René Guénon noted and highlighted many decades ago, when he wrote:

“It cannot be denied that moralism is a truly remarkable thing, unless one prefers to conclude…that, save for exceptions as honorable as they are rare, there remain in the West really only two kinds of people, neither of them very interesting: the gullible, who take these big words at their face value, and believe in their ‘civilizing mission,’ completely unaware of the materialist barbarism in which they are sunk, and the guileful, who exploit this state of mind to gratify their instincts of violence and cupidity.”

Guénon added:

“In any case, one thing is certain, and that is that Easterners are a menace to nobody and do not dream of invading the West in any way whatsoever: they have enough to do for the moment in defending themselves against European oppression, which threatens now to assail even their minds; and it is curious, to say the least, to see the aggressors taking up the pose of victims.”

There are also certain individuals like myself who once fell under the gullible category, but our gullibility was then stamped out by a couple of professors – both of whom were Jewish, ironically – which then made us aware of the unethical and immoral Nazi roots of the basic approach and policy out of Washington towards other countries and societies. Because of our geographical isolation from the rest of the world, many in the corridors of power in Washington assumed that we were immune from the blowback of undermining order and stability and sowing chaos and corruption in other places. Now, with the rise of Donald Trump and his movement, that assumption has proven to be both erroneous and false, and that disorder and instability and that chaos and corruption which befell other countries is now being experienced by Americans to a certain extent, which in turn makes all of this a case of the “chickens coming home to roost.” 

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