Sex as a Weapon

It follows that a concerted and deliberate “condemnation of modesty” has replaced military invasions and economic warfare as a novel foreign relations strategy, given that the hard power strategy of military invasion and economic warfare has exhausted its course. When Nazanin Boniadi is propped up and then she defines freedom and liberation for others in spite of her history of nudity and on-camera lewdness, nothing epitomizes the “condemnation of modesty” more than this particular arrangement and situation. 

Paradoxically, this demand on the part of the West for chaos and lewdness in other countries coincides with an outrageous “civilized morality” within Western civil society that cannot be rationally or physically complied with or satisfied. As Sigmund Freud wrote: “Experience teaches that for most people there is a limit beyond which their constitution cannot comply with the demands of civilization. All who wish to reach a higher standard than their constitution will allow, fall victims to neurosis. It would have been better for them if they could have remained less ‘perfect.’”

Hence, there is an odd combination or “trinity” of hypocrisy, perversion, and neurosis which pervades Western civil society, as manifested by the strict “civilized morality” which is self-imposed on one hand and the demand for chaos and lewdness in other countries on the other hand. Western civil society is “in complete ignorance of sexual matters” despite the fact that the prevailing hysteria and neurosis of Western civil society stems from such ignorance, hence the “Havana Syndrome” and so forth. 

As Bertrand Russell argued: “With the advance of what is called civilization, our social and material environment has changed faster than our instincts, so that there has been an increasing discrepancy between the acts to which we are impelled by instinct and those to which we are constrained by prudence.” But this discrepancy can last “up to a point.” One must take the basic nature of the genders, and especially that of women, into account amidst our civilizational and missionary zeal. As Otto Weininger wrote: “It is none other than the phenomenon of matchmaking which can lead us to the deepest, most important, insight into the nature of Woman.” 

To escape and ignore basic nature through a senseless attempt to shape the world in one’s pseudo-scientific image which in turn is mismatched from reality translates into a major source of not only “doublethink” but also many other logical fallacies and quandaries. Nor can a “condemnation of modesty” and the demand for chaos and lewdness in other places coincide with a ban on abortion and conventional notions of sexuality at home. Not only does the mismatch translate into double standards, but it also amounts to a logical fallacy. And when a logical fallacy undergirds one’s approach and perception of the entire world, it means that “he who negates logic has already been abandoned by it, he is on the road to insanity.”

Moreover, a demand for chaos and lewdness in other places and the propping up of Nazanin Boniadi as a symbol of freedom and liberation overlooks the basic fact that: “A person can perish from nothing other than a lack of religion. The genius shows this most horribly, for the man of genius is the most devoted man, and when devotion leaves him, his genius has left him.”

There is also a monetary factor associated with the demand for chaos and lewdness in other places which is then brought under the guise of freedom and sexual rights. As Augusto Del Noce noted, bourgeoisie interests are “susceptible to the great fear of a religious renaissance because of its recent origins, because of the business activities through which it had been established itself – which generally did not depend on the traditional values or went against them – and because of the radical-masonic mindset with which it had been associated since the beginning of its dominance.” Bourgeoisie interests “easily recognized sex as the weapon that could be used to push back” against a general perseverance and resistance which aims at preserving some sort of decency, goodness, and modesty in the world. This makes it all the more important to highlight the double standards, hypocrisy, logical fallacies, and prudery of those who are wielding sex as a weapon against others. 

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