In short, it is an incredible embarrassment, humiliation, and shame for Americans that the whole political process of the entire United States of America could fall squarely on the shoulders of a jokester like Matt Gaetz, yet that is exactly what happened on Friday. As mentioned before, Gaetz and his handful of allies were able to hold Washington captive because of a lack of credibility and legitimacy on the part of everyone else in Washington which in a sense is the “cumulative effect” of decades of corruption and unjustified wars. And how this crisis of credibility and legitimacy in Washington gets resolved in the future remains to be seen, given that it is a crisis which cannot be easily resolved. 

And it appears as though this crisis of credibility and legitimacy has hit Brazil as well, which is the second-largest country in the Western Hemisphere after the United States, whereby the opposition to the government has emulated the same antics and tactics of the anti-establishment, anti-government, and Trumpian populists in the United States. Hence, this crisis of credibility and legitimacy does not stop at Washington. Rather, this crisis stems from Washington and in turn impacts all aspects and dimensions of international society. As a result, the crisis of credibility and legitimacy in Washington pervades all of international society.

This crisis has also led to institutional dysfunction in many places, and in turn this institutional dysfunction has the potential to lead to institutional shutdowns in many places. Institutional dysfunction and institutional shutdowns around the world stemming from Washington’s corruption and unjustified wars over the last few decades also demonstrates something that is behind the appearance and surface of such issues, namely, the psychology and ontological state of international society over the course of all these years as well as in the present moment. As the Greek poet Sophocles said: “A mind at peace does not engender wars.”

Perhaps the best thing that people in Washington can do at the moment is to shut everything down, go back home, go back to Mom and Dad’s basement in the case of the Millennial and Gen-Z generations, and address the psychological and ontological state that has led to this loss of credibility and legitimacy on the part of international society. What Washington needs for the moment is silence, not the badmouthing of other countries, in order to reflect on this loss of credibility and legitimacy which in turn is the “independent driver” for global chaos and dysfunction. As Sophocles said: “Much wisdom often goes with fewer words.” 

And the denial and stonewalling of the existence of those who have addressed this credibility and legitimacy issue on the part of Washington stems more from an abdication of social responsibility and the inability of acknowledging the breaking of a “social contract” which has led to the current situation than anything else. As Sophocles said: “It is a painful thing to look at your own trouble and know that you yourself and no one else has made it.” Moreover, when the country’s entire political process converges and falls onto the shoulders of a jokester and a few phone calls from a celebrity politician who is hanging out by the beach in Florida, it means that the American state can no longer call itself a real state. As Sophocles said: “A state is not a state if it belongs to one man.” What comes next? Where do we go from here? The answers to those questions are perhaps anyone’s guess at the moment. But the chronology of events and the path to the present moment is most evident and clear if we are astute and clear-eyed students of history. 

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