In turn, the highest level of consciousness or reality which one can reach through a process of individuation is known as “Pure-Consciousness” or “God-Consciousness.” In Hinduism “pure consciousness” is known as Brahma or Turiya, and in Islam, this level of pure consciousness is known as Taqwa. It has been said that: “Pure Consciousness, which is the Heart, includes all, and nothing is outside or apart from it. That is the ultimate truth.” 

It has also been said that: “God-Consciousness is the secret to accuracy. The most powerful thing on earth is an anointed mind.” Given that one’s level of consciousness reflects one’s ultimate reality, it has been said that: “Control of consciousness determines the quality of life.” As René Guénon noted, this level of consciousness is virtually synonymous with “union” or Marifat, and it is this “union” with the “Divine Principle” which enables theosophy, or a direct and intuitive knowledge of God and reality. 

Knowledge and truth are considered to be “aspects” of this higher level of consciousness or reality, namely, Brahma or Taqwa. Consciousness “is only a contingent and special mode of knowledge under certain conditions, a property inherent to a being envisaged in certain states of manifestation” to borrow from Guénon. It follows that knowledge and truth are “aspects of the Infinite” as suggested by the Hindu mantra which states: “Brahma is Truth, Knowledge, Infinity” (Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma). 

Hence, the idea that knowledge and being – or knowledge and ontology – are two sides of the same coin and in turn reflect two sides of the same level of reality or level of consciousness. Brahma is considered to be the “vital center” of the individual self where a tiny element of ether is located, according to the Hindu tradition. In the Upanishads, it has been stated: “In this seat of Brahma, there is a small lotus, a place in which there is a small cavity occupied by Ether; we must seek That which is in this place, and we shall know It.”

It is this tiny piece of ether embedded within the human self which in turn constitutes the supreme reality. As stated in the Upanishads:

“This Atma, which dwells in the heart, is smaller than a grain of rice, smaller than a grain of barley, smaller than a grain of mustard, smaller than a grain of millet, smaller than the germ which is in the grain of millet; this Atma, which dwells in the heart, is also greater than the earth, greater than the atmosphere, greater than the sky, greater than all the worlds together.” 

And as the Muslims contend, God-consciousness or Taqwa keeps this piece of ether within the individual self from going “black” or from darkening and deteriorating. Modern science is now searching for this “God particle” or piece of “ether” which is located in the very constitution of our being. This “God particle” has been dubbed by some scientists as the “Higgs-Boson” particle, which in turn is the elementary particle that keeps being and reality together. Thus, one begins to wonder whether modern scientists could have conducted such an experiment or exploration without the philosophical and religious groundwork laid out by antiquity for such an experiment or exploration. 

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