Struggle Love

One of the key moments or experiences which really disillusioned me and turned me off from the law field aside from the realization that there was nothing interesting or intriguing about the law field was a divorce case hearing I attended with my boss while I was a paralegal in college. The hearing emerged out of a complaint made by our client, a blonde American woman, who was in the process of a divorce from her White American husband. She called a hearing in order to essentially punish her husband for taking their three kids to Disney World one weekend without her “permission.”

The dispute between the husband and the wife over Disney World spilled over into written emails and texts, which our client gave to the judge during the hearing. They exchanged profanities with one another in these emails and texts, and due to a worm or some sort of crazy neuron which went off in the judge’s head, the judge – who was also a white male – ordered the husband to be taken out in handcuffs from the hearing. 

Quite honestly, my boss and I did not expect that particular outcome, whereby the man would be carried away in handcuffs. The most we expected was some sort of custody decision or fine. After that, my boss – who was going through marital issues of his own – essentially felt guilty and paranoid for doing that to another man. Essentially, it was incredibly hypocritical for one man – who had a mistress and was going through intense marital problems but had a position of power – to throw another man with a lesser social status in jail because of his marital problems and for simply taking his kids to Disney World without informing the woman for reasons which had no criminal intent. Simply put, it was one of the most disillusioning and disheartening moments not only for myself, but also for my boss, who essentially abused his position of power for a profit. 

Moreover, this experience was one of the first of many experiences in my life that shed light on the flawed and unexplainable injustices of our justice system. Because of empire, the justice system has taken up what seems to be biased positions in a number of regards. Because of empire, our justice system is not only racially biased, but it is also gender-biased because of what is essentially a liberal bias as a result of empire. 

Although no one is against women’s rights, we often lose sight of the fact that marriage is a contract between two equal parties and that men also have rights. For the court to act in such a drastic manner in certain cases merely out of emotion due to the drama and emotions of other people with a lesser status in society shows that the justice system in our society is incredibly flawed and it does not keep up with the standards which should be met. This omission in the general psyche, namely, that a marriage is essentially a contract that demands mutual benefit and mutual consideration between both the man and the woman enables certain women to abuse the power of the contract and to enable a lack of conscience and a boundless injustice which quite honestly is inherent in certain women, although the lack of justice in our world is something gender-neutral. 

As mentioned before, the two basic conditions to be met in a marriage contract, one of which is mutual benefit and mutual consideration between two equal parties, is happiness. Thus, one must first explore the root causes of what makes a marriage and a relationship a man and a woman unhappy before someone is punished for their unhappiness by an outside party which is unaware of its own biases and flaws. Plus, the struggle for happiness and love is something which is universal, and it is a struggle which should humble us and in turn make us less critical of anyone else who is going through the same struggle, regardless of their gender, race, or social status. 

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