“What Would I Be?” (Rumi)

Come near, you so like me. My love feels held in until you ask, Do you hurt?

As I feel love rise, I fight with it. You say, Bravo. The general takes command.

Last night this body was a stringed instrument

playing love songs.

There is a kind of accounting going on with you and me. But all I want from this exchange is your peace.

I fly inside mystery. You say, Try to keep up, my lame friend.

There is a grapevine hanging here. Should I climb it?

When you stay away, I am miserable. What would I be

if you wanted to be with me all the time?

Grief and unexpected joy live in a doorway

where there is no time or distance.

Aging changes to childhood. My face is new again. You say, My confused and silent friend.

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