The Aryan Bird of Prey

It follows that the centrality of the identity issue in our collective affairs and in turn the issue of the denial, erasure, and genocide of collective and individual identities is something which may not occur to the evangelical or neoconservative or Zionist mind, but it is an issue which is front and center for the overwhelming majority of us who are outside of this small but influential evangelical-neoconservative-Zionist cabal. It is certainly front and center in the mind of the average Jew whose ancestors survived or died as a result of the Holocaust, or the Arab and Afghan who absorbed the brunt of American hegemonic wars, the victim of anti-Asian hate, and of course, Blacks and Native-Americans. In essence, not only is there an outright cancellation and denial of certain identities, but certain groups and individuals seek to go a step further by erasing and decimating certain identities. As Carl Jung wrote:

“The Occidental burns incense to himself, and his own countenance is veiled from him in the smoke. But how do we strike men of another color? What do China and India think of us? What feelings do we arouse in the black man? And what is the opinion of all those whom we deprive of their lands and exterminate with rum and venereal disease?”

Jung also recounted a conversation he had with a Native-American friend of his, in which the Native-American friend said of the white man: “We don’t understand the whites; they are always wanting something – always restless – always looking for something. What is it? We don’t know. We can’t understand them. They have such sharp noses, such thin, cruel lips, such lines in their faces. We think they are all crazy.”

Jung then responded to the account or description of the white man on the part of his Native-American friend by writing the following:

“My friend had recognized, without being able to name it, the Aryan bird of prey with his insatiable lust to lord it in every land – even those that concern him not at all. And he had also noted the megalomania of ours which leads us to suppose, among other things, that Christianity is the only truth, and the white Christ the only redeemer.”

Jung added:

“After setting the whole East in turmoil with our science and technology, and exacting tribute from it, we send our missionaries even to China. The stamping out of polygamy by the African missions has given rise to prostitution on such a scale that in Uganda alone twenty thousand pounds sterling is spent on preventatives of venereal infection, not to speak of the moral consequences, which have been of the worst. And the European pays his missionaries for these edifying achievements! No need to mention also the story of suffering in Polynesia and the blessings of the opium trade.” 

But as the laws of physics and nature dictate, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. As Jung wrote:

“But I do forget that we do not yet realize that while we are turning upside down the material world of the East with our technical proficiency, the East with its psychic proficiency is throwing our spiritual world into confusion. We have never yet hit upon the thought that while we are overpowering the Orient from without, it may be fastening its hold upon us from within.”

And as mentioned before, there is no “focal point” to which such a culture and identity war can be brought and in turn reconciled or resolved. Add factors such as nuclear weapons and cyber warfare to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster, hence the need to balance optimism with realism to a certain extent. And what may be lost in the midst of this conflict or war is that every conflict or war eventually has to come to an end. Thus, the conflict or war has to be managed in a manner by which the ultimate result or outcome of this conflict or war is one that excludes or precludes the possibility of mutual annihilation and that hopefully, the resolution or outcome of such a conflict and war is a mutually beneficial and peaceful one in the very end. 

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