The Illusion of Ordinary Life

For the most part, there is nothing wrong with having one’s ‘head in the clouds’ per se, despite the scorn and toxicity on the part of so-called rationalistic and realistic folks in the public sphere and their vehement and nasty opposition towards a dream state and towards imagination in general. What we either overlook or fail to comprehend is that the cosmic order and world order are intertwined. For the ordering of the former to occur, the latter must also be ordered. And ultimately, both the cosmic order and world order have to reflect one another. Ask Donald Trump if you don’t believe me. Hence, the efforts of Chuck Schumer and the likes of him to perpetuate the status quo of killing poor people for eternity and suppressing their creativity and imagination has its limits when we take the overall scheme of things into account.

Moreover, a dream state that is operationalized and put into motion by creativity and imagination plays an important role in the retrieval of data and information, and it is the retrieval of data and information which is central and most significant to the affairs and overall state of our current and ongoing digital and information age. The dream state is “one of the modalities of the manifestation of the human being corresponding to the subtle (that is, non-corporeal) part of its individuality” to borrow from René Guénon.

Hence, the dream state “is a very clear example of a multiplicity existing within a unity, without the latter being affected by it” to borrow from Guénon. He added that “even though the unity in question here may only be relative – that of the individual – in relation to that multiplicity, it nonetheless plays a part analogous to that of veritable and primordial unity in relation to universal manifestation.”

In essence, there is no “ordinary life” to live. Everyone either plays an adverse role or a constructive role in what is the ultimate directionality, trajectory, or path of our digital and information age, namely, the ordering of the cosmos and the ordering of the world so that the latter reflects the former and vice versa. To settle for an “ordinary life” and acquiesce to Chuck Schumer and the likes of him would lead to a life in which “certain faculties have become atrophied to the extent of being abolished.” To conclude, the basic or fundamental rationale or thought process behind the imposition of an “ordinary life” or “mass culture” – which one must note has proved to be flawed and obsolete – has been stated in the following terms by Guénon:

“It is incidentally only under such conditions that the sensible world can appear to them as a ‘closed system,’ in the interior of which they feel themselves to be in perfect security: it remains to be shown how this illusion can, in a certain sense and in a certain measure, be ‘realized’ through the existence of materialism itself; but it will also appear later that this nevertheless represents as it were an eminently unstable state of equilibrium, and that the world has even now reached a point where the security of ‘ordinary life,’ on which the whole outward organization of the modern world has rested up till now, runs serious risk of being troubled by unanticipated ‘interferences.’”

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