“Ai Ke Az Kelk e Honar”

Original Artist: Ahmad Zahir. Rough translation: “Rarely can a person come across a face as beautiful as yours. Once God drew that face, there was no other use for his pen. It’s from a sheer touch of creativity that you are playing the all-consuming and divine role that you are playing now. And it would be tragic if we remained in separation for absolutely nothing. Folks have asked why I even fell for you in the first place. But the real question is, why do you act this way, even though we know of your goodness and sweetness? I didn’t know you were going to act this way. Perhaps you abandoned me so that you can be free to act this way. You also warned me not to fall for the beauties of this day and age. So I went ahead and drowned myself in a sea of intellectualism. Where do you stand in this sea?”

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