“Oh Yar”

Original Artist: Ustad Sarahang. Lyrics: Hazrat Bedil Dehlavi. Rough translation: “With one breath and with one sigh, I’ve turned the laws of the world upside down. Why? Because peace and tranquility can never get along with discord and noise. Dear Lord, take me to the one whom I love the most. Take my grief-stricken voice to the one who understands. I’m miserable both day and night because of the distance and the separation. Bring her to me, or bring me to her. Sweetheart, there are some things we need to settle between us. I still have some things which are left unsaid. Come and sit with me so I can tell them to you. I’m heartbroken, and I have a lot to complain about. People will fast soon and before you know it, fasting will be over. Both the rich and the poor will be acting up. I’ve assessed my life without you, and I’ve realized that thus far it’s a fast that will never break. Today, the winds brought your scent and your vibe to me. It was a scent emanating from a flower rooted in patience. The time is ripe to become alive again from the sight of you. You’re the angel who comes with the spring that lies ahead.”

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