Book Recommendation, March 5, 2023

“Narcissism and Politics: Dreams of Glory” by Jerrold Post. An important source which backs one’s claim that at the core and heart of Washington are kleptomania, looting, hypocrisy, and lying. One cannot make such bold claims without legitimate sources to back up one’s claim. During the Cold War, Post was a psychiatrist at a hospital in Washington when soon enough he was snatched up by the CIA to come up with psychological profiles of politicians both inside and outside of the United States. Thus, Post was a pioneer and founding figure of one of the most novel and innovative fields in the social sciences, namely, political psychology. Hence, despite all of its flaws, the United States was the fountainhead and springboard of modern knowledge, science, and technology in recent decades. But as of late, one can argue that the bad has been eclipsing and overshadowing the good.

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