Promethean Fire

Who is deterring, who is being deterred, and what is the aim of the deterrence? These are essentially the questions we should be asking when we are analyzing the powers that be. Also, if consciousness is reality, and megalomania is a certain level of consciousness, it follows that megalomania is a certain level of reality which we are seeking to exceed and excel and perhaps even deter if we are the powers that be. 

Also, polarization between left and right and the fact that there is a kind of “Promethean Fire” raging amongst the people means that the status quo has to channel this fire constructively. The status quo can either let the fire destroy everything and join forces with agents of chaos and destruction, or it can channel the fire towards constructive purposes by joining forces with agents of creativity and progress. One AI bot described a “Promethean Fire” in the following manner: 

“Promethean Fire refers to the idea of bringing knowledge, enlightenment, and civilization to mankind. It is often associated with the Greek myth of Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods and gave it to humanity. In modern times, the term Promethean Fire can also be used to refer to the transformative power of technology, science, and the arts. It can also be used to describe a person or group who is working to bring about positive change and progress in society.”

The bot adds: “Some people also use the term Promethean Fire to refer to the concept of radical self-transformation, or the desire to transcend one’s current limitations and achieve one’s full potential.” Hence, whereas megalomania is base consciousness and consciousness in its lowest form, fire is pure consciousness and consciousness in its highest form, and fire “not only warms, but gives light.” As the French military general Ferdinand Foch once said, the most dangerous weapon on earth is a human soul that is on fire. 

Because knowledge and consciousness are two sides of the same coin, and with the coin constituting one’s basic being and existence, it follows that an information age will alter what is essentially a ‘collective consciousness’ that is governing the political and social life of international society. Thus, the change in the overall volume of knowledge and information leads to a change in consciousness, and in turn, the change in consciousness leads to an overall change in our collective being, collective existence, and collective reality. No nation, people, or place on earth is immune or isolated from the changes which are occurring to the ‘collective consciousness’ and thus our collective reality as a result of an information age. 

And as René Guénon argued, knowledge is the mechanism or tool by which an assimilation is occurring between “subject” and “object” or “perceiver” and the “perceived” or even “the one who knows” and “that which is known” with the aim of realizing true being on a collective level. As Guénon argued: “There can be no true metaphysics for anyone who does not truly understand that the being realizes itself through knowledge, and that it can only realize itself in this way.” It is a deliverance into a superior state or level of consciousness amidst multiple states and levels of consciousness which we are facilitating through knowledge, or perhaps it is a deliverance which is facilitating itself given the information age governed by ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) in which we find ourselves today. 

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