Productivity and Growth

As one of my relatives who works for an international bank in Toronto once told me, everything in the world comes down to just two things, namely, productivity and growth. It is an argument and proposition which I have only grown to appreciate recently. And when we look at the big picture, productivity and growth are projected to go up in Asia, whereas productivity and growth in the West are expected to go down in the coming years. 

And naturally, banks and businesses will gravitate towards places where productivity and growth are highest or are bound to be higher in the coming years. The first step is to overcome the obsession with places like Afghanistan and Ukraine. Ending the war in Afghanistan and moving on was a good omen or sign for Western countries but especially for the American people. And now, the Ukraine war must also end as soon as possible. As we saw in the recent past, China investing in Ukraine ended up as a loss, and America investing in Afghanistan ended up as a major loss. And the main reason for this is because small countries who happen to be geopolitical “pivot points” with a history of corruption and insecurity are not the best places to invest for big powers. The natural thing to do would be for Westerners to invest in the East, and for Easterners to invest in the West. 

Moreover, the insistence on democracy and human rights and “liberal democracy” in the East on the part of Tony Blinken and other neocons is a guise to keep corruption and insecurity and warmongering going around the world for the sake of amusement and play, even though as we have stated before, corruption and insecurity are the two things which banks and businesses hate the most, given that corruption and insecurity are the two biggest inhibitors of productivity and growth and a stable return on investment and in turn, productivity and growth is the name of the game in an age of rapid globalization.  

Also, there is more than just money and finance involved in our two most important concepts or principles, namely productivity and growth. The global balance of power, for instance, is reflected in productivity and growth, as well as birth rates and literacy rates and mental health and sexual health and so forth. Perhaps if Western governments focused solely on productivity and growth, then the brain fog and ‘Havana Syndrome’ and so on and so forth would become contingent issues to the main issue of productivity and growth. As one financial expert argued, the focus has to be solely on inflation, but then again we have to know where inflation comes from.

Moreover, a petty legal interpretation in Washington regarding “democracy” and “human rights” and “liberal democracy” as a weapon to keep corruption and insecurity and warmongering going on around the world amounts to pettiness and stupidity when Roe v. Wade gets overturned and people are fighting about election results and when there is homelessness and a lack of health care in our country. Elections are only part of democracy, so if elections do not produce democratic results, then our insistence on “democracy” for others amounts to duplicity and disingenuity. Americans got kidnapped and killed for getting medicine and health care in Mexico. People in America are buying and importing medicine from Canada and are traveling to Canada for basic health care procedures. In short, we need to get our priorities straight. 

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