Be Very Careful

“Media circus for the ages” and “be very careful” as one American journalist and one American senator put it respectively is the best way to characterize what is yet another lawless and anarchic situation, namely, the domestic political situation in the United States which is undoubtedly shaped by the lawlessness and anarchy of the international system as a whole. 

As I have argued before, Donald Trump was born for the anarchy, chaos, and turmoil of this day and age, and Trump is essentially an agent and master of anarchy, chaos, and turmoil who in turn thrives and adds fuel to his fire through anarchy, chaos, and turmoil. And amidst the smoke and mirrors of this prevailing political situation and the media coverage of it in the United States, what the establishment authorities and people in power who are seeking to pin Trump with a crime are overlooking and missing in their thought process is that through their pursuit of Trump, they are actually falling into Trump’s trap, in the sense that if things were done to stabilize the internal situation through addressing issues such as the credibility and legitimacy crisis and so forth, then Trump would disappear on his own. 

In a sense, pinning a crime on Trump amounts to pinning one’s own epic and monumental failures on someone else. It has happened to a number of us, in the sense that people’s epic and monumental failures are pinned on the wrong people so that the people who have failed can deflect the attention and focus away from their own failures. But as I have also argued, peace and stability are Trump’s poison and kryptonite. As a result, if the focus on the part of authorities and people in power were on the issues that mattered, such as international peace, expansion of rights deemed important by international law, and reducing abuses of power and addressing issues such as the credibility and legitimacy of the system, the Trump dilemma and predicament would disappear and be resolved by itself. 

Hence, as long as anarchy, chaos, and turmoil thrive and if the focus is diverted away from the issues that matter, Trump will thrive. Arguably, peace and stability through addressing what matters are a bigger source of anxiety and fear for Trump than for the authorities and people in power who are currently undergoing a credibility and legitimacy crisis. And it is this concept or idea of peace and stability through addressing credibility and legitimacy and the things that matter which is something that authorities and people in power such as the ones in New York and Georgia who are trying to create something out of nothing are overlooking and missing in their obsession and fixation with Trump. 

In sum, Trump is a symptom of our socioeconomic and sociopolitical problems and pain, not the cause. Hence, if the cause of the problems and the pain are not addressed, then the symptom of the problems and pain – namely, Donald Trump – will not go away, and in fact, the symptom of the problems and the pain in the form of Donald Trump will only grow worse and worse over the course of the next couple of years. It would only be intelligent and smart to avoid falling into Trump’s trap and adding fuel to his fire, given that controversy, court drama, and a media circus and thus anarchy, chaos, and turmoil is exactly what Donald Trump is asking for. In fact, one can argue that Donald Trump wants nothing else in life other than anarchy, chaos, and turmoil. Peace, order, and stability would ruin the Trump brand and name, and thus peace, order, and stability, paradoxically, are the biggest sources of anxiety for Donald Trump. Upon reflection, it is an argument and suggestion worth entertaining. 

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