Chaos Breeds Chaos

In short, nothing in life can be forced or farced. It all has to be authentic and organic, not only for one’s own benefit, pleasure, and satisfaction, but also because people are smart and, in most instances, people can put two and two together, and in turn people can detect and smell phoniness, inauthenticity, and a farce from a mile away. Life is also a game more than anything else, and in order to play the game both beautifully and effectively, one needs first and foremost a guide and an ultimate source. Those who are fortunate in life will come across a guide and an ultimate source which tailor one’s particular circumstances and qualities, and each case will be different as it pertains to the designation of a guide and an ultimate source. But the uniform rule and idea is that the game which is life requires a guide and an ultimate source if it is to be played effectively and successfully. 

Perhaps nothing demonstrates the complexity of the game more at the moment than the political and social situation in the United States, whereby two parties with no guide and no ultimate source – and by virtue of petty politics – are complicating things and making things more chaotic on the surface while leaving the underlying political and social crisis unresolved. Although I am not a fan of Donald Trump and would never vote for him for a number of reasons, I have long questioned the approach which established authorities and politicians have taken towards him, for a number of reasons. 

For one, Trump is only half of the main equation of the political and social situation or perhaps even crisis in the United States. If established authorities and politicians seek to knock out half of the equation – namely, Trump – they are still left with the other half unresolved, namely, the credibility and legitimacy crisis which created Trump. There is an essence to Trump that has been created by this credibility and legitimacy crisis, and as a result, even if Trump is removed from the equation, the essence still remains and thus something else will fill Trump’s void and in turn preoccupy established authorities and politicians. 

Moreover, Trump will get the reputation amongst a large number of people of being a martyr and a subject of political persecution and oppression in addition to getting the media circus both through mainstream media and social media which he is perhaps seeking. A contract is a contract, and all contracts have to be enforced based on the law here in the United States. Thus, the extension of petty politics through indictments and going to court amounts to overreach and an abuse of power, all while ignoring the very basics and fundamentals of the law. Not to mention the Secret Service agents who will have to be in a jail cell with him if he is convicted and sentenced. Imagine having Secret Service agents going into a jail cell, in addition to the embarrassment and humiliation which will be brought upon a country that once had the privilege of boasting about its standing as an economic and military superpower, a kind of standing which one must note was derived from economic, political, and social freedoms and norms which have now been reduced to Third World and “Banana Republic” type prosecutions of former presidents for reasons which do not even make sense and cannot even be justified by the law, given that the basis and foundation for such moves are petty politics.

It all appears to be a forced attempt at creating a legal justification for a crime which is simply not there. If there is no authentic and organic legal justification, then you cannot just create one. What we also overlook is that chaos breeds chaos. Thus, to think that such a move on the part of established authorities and politicians will put out chaos and in turn put out a political and social crisis is to think in a wrong-headed manner. Nevertheless, there is a peculiar hunger and a thirst for drama and controversy amongst the liberal bourgeoisie elite in the United States which can never be satisfied or quenched. And the prospect or possibility of this hunger and thirst consuming the ones with this peculiar hunger and thirst cannot be ruled out over the long run. 

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