Inequality Regime

One should also ask how someone whom no one wants and someone whom no one even wanted in the first place is president. And in turn, why his political opponent is the subject of being jailed by the system for something consensual while his son who had images of pedophilia and sexual deviance on the “Dark Web” is still running around free? It is no secret that the law has long been used as a political instrument by the wealthy and the powerful to cultivate these exact double standards we see now. 

But the double standards have a deeper basis behind them, in the sense that the whole point of the system is to maintain and to justify an inequality regime to borrow from Thomas Piketty. In a way, no matter what happens, inequality and injustice have to somehow be justified and maintained in order for the system and the status quo to continue. And now, there is no leg for the inequality regime to stand on any longer. The system is bankrupt in perhaps every sense of the word, and the bankruptcy and failure manifests in fiascos and situations like imprisoning political opponents as well as other kinds of fiascos and situations which have occurred and will occur over the course of time. 

But as I have mentioned before, the wealth and the money which propped up and propelled the inequality regime in the United States over the course of the last few decades is now useless and futile, because the basic policy of global hegemony has now hit a dead end. And if the basic policy hits a dead end, then the big money which benefits from the policy and propels the policy also becomes useless and futile. Now, the people in power do not know what to do except to become dictators and modern-day Pharaohs who jail and oppress political opponents. When Wells Fargo gets fined for investing in Iran, it becomes clear that having big money in your pocket becomes useless when you cannot do anything with it, or when you do not know what to do with it. One would think that a situation whereby you cannot do anything with the money in your pocket or you do not know what to do with the money in your pocket could only exist in a crisis-ridden place like Lebanon or somewhere else. But the crisis appears to be universal in scale and scope.

And there is perhaps a bigger scheme behind the range of odd and strange circumstances and phenomena which we are experiencing in international affairs and throughout international society as a whole, namely, that everything – including big money and wealth – will eventually become devalued and instrumentalized for the sake of the “mastery of the world” on the part of some individual or some group of individuals which results from the plethora of injustices and travesties that have occurred in recent decades. Moreover, this devaluation and instrumentalization of everything for the sake of the mastery of the world on the part of an individual or a group of individuals is also the result of socioeconomic and sociopolitical changes and evolutions which have resulted from both globalization and technology and the demise of the American unipolar moment. As someone argued, the overarching theme of the coming years will be “tragedy and mobilization.” How this mobilization materializes and shapes up is perhaps something to watch for. 

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