Who is Running This Country?

And given the narrowness and the bias involved in the views which are expressed by intellectuals and personalities in the American mainstream media, one begins to wonder whether the persons expressing such views even believe in such views anymore, given the vast changes which have occurred in the world. At the core, however, their main job has now become to hide Hunter Biden’s pedophilia. As one Russian author wrote:

“The news of vast pedophile rings being busted all around the world is a regular occurrence. But one has only to look at the prominence of Nabokov’s Lolita theme among the ‘artistically-gifted’ and powerful in the West to recognize that pedophilia, served up as art, is an extremely exciting topic, both for Hollywood and the artsy types, who profess themselves to be intellectuals, and for the political elite which, through funding support, buys them to serve it. Both in the U.S. and Europe.” 

Nevertheless, such sexual deviance is a symptom of a broader phenomenon. The author added: “The Western elite’s moral and intellectual degeneration is not accidental, it is systemic, in the same way as the crisis of liberalism is systemic.” And when degeneration and decay occur amongst the elite class in both a moral and intellectual sense, something else emerges in order to take its place. There will always be one class clinging onto power and status by any means necessary despite their moral and intellectual bankruptcy, while a new class rises out of their decadence and decay. As an anecdote or analogy or even an explanation for this condition, C. Wright Mills wrote the following:

“Examining the small city, both the novelist and the sociologist have felt most clearly the drama of the old and the new upper classes. The struggle for status which they have observed going on in these towns may be seen on a historic scale in the modern course of the whole of Western Society; for centuries the parvenues and snobs of new upper classes have stood in tension with the ‘old guard.’ There are, of course, regional variations but across the country the small-town rich are surprisingly standardized. In these cities today, two types of upper classes prevail, one composed of rentier and socially older families, the other of newer families which, economically and socially, are of a more entrepreneurial type. Members of these two top classes understand the several distinctions between them, although each has its own particular view of them”

Hence, there is essentially a clash and a competition between the decaying old and the entrepreneurial new taking place out of the failure of a superstructure of global hegemony. One is an antagonist towards the other. One seeks to perpetuate what has failed, and one seeks to replace what has failed. As Antonio Gramsci wrote: “Politics in fact is at any given time the reflection of the tendencies of development in the structure, but it is not necessarily the case that these tendencies must be realized.” In essence, the perpetuation of the status quo despite its moral and intellectual bankruptcy amounts to a political act which signifies “an error of calculation on the part of the leaders of the dominant classes, an error which historical development, through the parliamentary and governmental ‘crises’ of the ruling classes, then corrects and goes beyond.”

Eventually, there is a correction and a “modification” of the structure which has to take place, given the variation of crises which emerge from the way in which the structure of global hegemony has shaped up. And in our case here in the United States, it is merely a matter of time before the process which is the development of the structure eventually meets and crosses a juncture whereby such a correction and modification has to be made. 

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