“Ba Ka’ba Raftam” – به كعبه رفتم

Artist: Haidar Salim. Rough translation: “When I reached the Ka’ba and made the ultimate journey and pilgrimage, all I felt was a desire to reach your mountaintop. And when I looked upon the Ka’ba, all I saw was your face. Getting to the Ka’ba required lots of effort and persistence. But when I got there, all I wished for was a whiff of the fragrance from your hair. There is no position or status in the world I would desire or wish for except to be acquainted with your name. All these rites and rituals amounted to a long and difficult search to find someone like you.”

2 thoughts on ““Ba Ka’ba Raftam” – به كعبه رفتم

  1. What a beautiful and poetic expression of the author’s desire to be close to their beloved. I was particularly struck by the line “all I saw was your face” when looking upon the Ka’ba. It made me wonder, how has the author’s relationship with their beloved influenced their experiences with religion and pilgrimage?

    yoy edib

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    1. Thank you for the comment. In a nutshell, love is the final destination of the journey and pilgrimage. Everything else amounts to a hassle and a struggle to get there.


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