“An Silsila Moh Ayad”

Original Artist: Ustad Khyal. Rough Translation: “If that beauty and that hair ever were to come on the market again, and if she could be free and available and if she were to breathe freely again, how wonderful would that be? The beauty of her eyes are as lethal as a bow and arrow, and her hair also has a pull and attraction of its own. There’s a sweetness to her laugh, indeed, there’s a sweetness to her laugh. Everyone has to bow down before that beauty, because it’s an enchanting beauty. Perhaps she’s a magician. Oh beautiful one, come towards our direction at least once. I am in love with you like all the others, so at least give me equal consideration as the others and perhaps a fair shot at your love. It’s real love, from the bottom of my heart, and it’s turned my life upside down. Let these tearful eyes pour themselves before your feet. I am desperately and patiently waiting to see you, and if you wish, I’ll sacrifice everything I have for you. Oh beautiful one, the one with the enchanting hair and lethally beautiful eyes, don’t ever tell me to back off and don’t try to scare me away. And if you despise me and wish to kill me, then do it when we meet at the garden.”

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