And oddly enough, the basic rationale, logic, or justification for assuming a war path and pursuing apocalyptic civilizational and religious wars is “behavior” and the perceived behavior of others. It is worth noting that “behavior” was the singular rationale, logic, and justification used by Harry Truman to initiate the infamous “Cold War” of the 20th century. Hence, after sifting through all the weeds and all that is on the surface, we find that the ultimate rationale, logic, and justification for assuming a course of action that could lead to an apocalyptic civilizational and religious war is “behavior” when in reality, it takes “two to tango” and none of the dynamics and interactions are one-directional.

Nietzschean morality and hypocrisy as well as a history of invasion, torture, and law-breaking on an international level are never considered or taken into account when we assess international affairs and relations in this day and age, yet the “behavior” of non-Western peoples is always brought up as the conclusive and final justification, logic, and rationale for pursuing apocalyptic civilizational and religious war. We also turn a blind eye towards stealing people’s lands, censoring people, cancelling people, collective punishment, the demolition of people’s homes, and the desecration and destruction of what billions of people consider to be holy and sacred, and yet we have the nerve to bring up “behavior” as something relevant to our violent and apocalyptic discourse. 

In turn, no one buys the basic Western mainstream argument and narrative anymore, because the basic argument and narrative is one that is anathema and antithetical to the establishment of basic peace and stability around the world, for a number of reasons. One of them is that mainstream Westerners can never find a peace of mind, even if they stole and spent billions of dollars in order to acquire a peace of mind. And second, about half of American exports are weapons, so if there is peace and stability, then the government will have to invest and spend on something other than the production and sale of deadly weapons. 

As a result, the bigger concern is not the behavior of others or those of non-Western peoples. Rather, the bigger concern is complacency, corruption, degeneration, decay, inertia, stagnation, and the fact that the establishment and the status quo is stuck in its hackneyed and obsolete ways when it is change and reform which is actually called for. Moreover, the behavior of others can change if our own behavior changes. It all depends on whether you bring out the best in people or the worst in people, and much of it has to do with one’s basic approach and interaction towards other human beings. “See the world as it is, not as others wish it to be.” And the reality is that America constitutes only about 4 percent of the world’s population. Hence, there is an entire world out there that does not fit our basic paradigm of “behavior” and normality.

What we consider to be “normal” and justified is actually alien and repugnant to the rest of the world. No one in the world understood our invasions, extremism of various hues and shades, torture, law-breaking, or unconditional support for Israel, because for the rest of the world, this kind of behavior and basic hegemonic paradigm of international relations seems both bizarre and outdated. Therefore, we need to address the core issues and core questions of international affairs as opposed to getting caught up in a petty morality policing which is actually a cheap and flimsy way of making a case for apocalyptic civilizational and religious war which has economic and psychological motives behind it as opposed to anything credible or legitimate. 

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