“Begzarad Begzarad” – بگذرد بگذرد

Original Artist: Ahmad Zahir. Rough Translation: “This too shall pass, life itself will pass. Let life pass happier and healthier than life itself. I am a faqir ruling over my own dominion. Let there be no control or ownership of it from the outside. Months pass, years pass, and when they pass, let them pass without enslavement and servitude. Love rains down from the sky unexpectedly. Thus, let life pass under the rain. The winehouse is my home, and the Sufi music house is my place of worship. Let there be no confusion about it. And if being alone, free, and independent is better than having allies, friends, and partners, there is no problem with that. If you can look past all the foam and junk that rests on the surface of the ocean, you can find the essence and the jewels hidden well below and underneath the surface.”

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