Nothing to Hide

It is largely a case of focusing on object rather than subject, as well as the created rather than the creator, in the sense that many people value and prefer the general pandering to Jewish money and the instrumentalization of Jews for hegemonic designs and purposes over Jewish life and the rich history of Jewish intellectualism. And when the rules and norms of the global game are broken and the global balance of power shifts and in turn leads to a disaster, then Jews and other minorities are automatically blamed for the downturn. This compels us to speak out so that this kind of attitude and mentality can change. 

Obviously, there is risk associated with speaking out, but there is risk associated with everything in life. There is also the issue of credibility and trust, as well as the issue of motives and the intent for doing what some of us are doing. But risk as well as risk-aversion is more important than trust in the bigger scheme of things, and the reason for this is that things are always changing and are evolving. Thus, you cannot trust one set of circumstances and expect that everything will always remain the same. As a result, risk is more of an issue than trust, and one can conclude with a certain degree of confidence that high risk equals high reward and that the rewards for being risk-averse are high when all is said and done. 

The media has also been an asset as well as an ally in getting our message out to a certain extent. One never really appreciates the fact that the media in America does the dirty work that many of us are unable to do and the media carries out certain tasks that many of us are incapable of carrying out or are unable to carry out for various reasons. People in the media also have a kind of energy, patience, and tolerance for confrontation, drama, and mudslinging that some of us do not have. They can confront the challenges and the tests that are imposed on them. And while there is always a love-hate relationship between people in all kinds of contexts and situations, the love I have for the media is greater than the dislike, given that the media is ultimately an asset and an ally when it comes to getting one’s message through to places where it would be impossible to reach had it not been for the media and their cooperation and support. And while some people wish to run away from the media because of a guilty conscience and because they have something to hide, some of us enjoy being engaged with the media and we enjoy giving them information and in turn fostering mutually beneficial relationships with people in the media.

Another challenge is going to be balancing a social-democratic future and social-democratic policies with the imperatives of diplomacy and free trade and remaining engaged with other countries in order to overcome protectionist and xenophobic attitudes that lead to polarization and social fragmentation and in turn war and social strife on a global scale and scope. This balancing act is not going to be an easy one, but then again, nothing that is worthwhile or worthy of accomplishing is easy. Moreover, taking the steps necessary in order to realize a social-democratic future with social-democratic policies will be challenging, let alone getting to the point where a social-democratic future and social democratic policies will have to be balanced with the imperatives of diplomacy and free trade. And whether actors and stakeholders in American society and in international society have the ability and the wherewithal to step up to the challenge and to the occasion is yet another question which remains without an answer at the moment. 

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