Barbarity and Irrationality

Arguably, the basic aim of socialism and social democracy is to somehow overcome and change the anarchic, dog-eat-dog, Social Darwinist, and Hobbesian “state of nature” which defines current events and international affairs as they stand at the moment. Whether it can work and whether the change can ever happen and in turn permanently take hold is something that can only be evinced and proven over the course of time. Nevertheless, and as Marx famously said: “The philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.”

Conflict, whether it is in the setting of a class struggle or a cultural setting or any other setting, is the name of the game. Hence, the goal is to overcome conflict and to establish a permanent peace. But as one author argued: “There is no way to tell in advance what the outcome of such great conflicts will be. That depends not only on the clash of objective class forces – of the growth of classes in themselves – but also on the extent to which there emerges within the expanded ‘universal’ working class a core people who understand how to fight and know how to win their fellows to this understanding.”

The author added: “There will be no shortage of groups and movements in bitter opposition to one or other aspect of the system. Its very barbarity and irrationality will ensure this in the future, as in the past. But the history of the twentieth century shows that these elements can only be truly effective when they crystallize into revolutionary organizations dedicated to challenging the system in all its aspects.”

Because of the very basic characteristics of the system as it stands and given the modus operandi of the system, it is no wonder why there is widespread disillusionment towards the two main political parties in the United States. Both parties want to perpetuate the barbarity and irrationality of the system, and both want to perpetuate conflict and social strife around the world. Both also want to keep the anarchic, dog-eat-dog, Social Darwinist, and Hobbesian way of doing things intact. The only real difference between Democrats and Republicans, however, is that the Democrats deceive people into thinking that they are against the barbarity and irrationality of the system as well as the conventional way of doing things and they throw dust into people’s eyes when in reality they drove up inflation and started a war in Ukraine, whereas the Republicans admit that they want to keep the system as it is and to continue the modus operandi of the system.

Thus, for the upcoming national election in the United States in 2024, the main question is going to be a question of methods and strategies. Will deceiving people and throwing dust into people’s eyes, which the Democrats are so good at, work to win the election? Or will being blunt and open about the barbarity and irrationality of the system along with its conventional way of doing things win out? In my opinion, being blunt and open will work better with winning regular people over, but it will ensure a victory in the election only if the Democrats do not steal the election as they have done to some of their own candidates on numerous occasions.

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