A Food Lover’s Journey Through Time, Marrakech Edition

The simplest of delights, Moroccan bread, lentils, hot sauce, and a bottle of local spring water, Oulmes. Perfection. Note: All pictures and commentary courtesy of Yours Truly.
Chef Lamine Hadj Mustapha was a local chef in Marrakech who made it big here in Morocco and now around the world thanks to social media. He has served as a personal chef for the King among other celebrities and dignitaries. His famous roasted lamb cooked in a ground deep clay oven which can be found in the famous Jam Al Fnaa market in Marrekech has now gone viral on social media. And the lamb chops aren’t bad either.
Tangia is a local dish in Marrakech. Fatty beef, cooked in a clay pot with a saffron broth. You can taste the saffron mixed into the broth and the meat.
The finished product.
From traditional to modern. The Royal Mansour is owned personally by the King. Synonymous with Epicureanism and luxury, and perhaps even beauty and elegance.
Best Moroccan tea I’ve ever had, courtesy of the Royal Mansour. I’ve had lots of Moroccan tea over the years, but in Marrakech, the quality of the mint combined with the special herbs they add to the tea make it unlike any other.
The most elegant and fancy Moroccan restaurant you can ever find, located in the Royal Mansour.
Riad are houses or mansions built during the Andalusian period, and many of them have now been turned into either hotels or restaurants. A Riad is famous for its gardens, fountains, and pools. Simple on the outside, beautiful on the inside.
Moroccan mezze.
The entrance of Dar Moha, a Riad which is now a famous restaurant in Marrakech.
More Moroccan mezze at Dar Moha. Uninitiated food lovers will not be disappointed if they ever decide to visit Marrakech.
Mixed grill and Lamb Tagine. Yet another treat to our stomachs.

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