Casablanca and Marrakesh, April 2023 (Part Two)

It takes a while to realize that Marrakech is now the number one magnet and tourist attraction for the world’s elite, or top 1 percent. But once you’ve travelled there and once you’ve absorbed the vibe there and when you develop some situational awareness, the luxury and the prices among other things in Marrakech will demonstrate and evince that a trip to Marrakech is the apex, completion, and epitome of leisure, luxury, travel, and tourism. It doesn’t get better than Marrakech in terms of the overall combination of leisure, luxury, tourism, and travel to be quite honest. It even supersedes and surpasses Paris now depending on your opinion, perspective, and viewpoint.
Just outside of Marrakech, you can find the famous Golden Arches. Goes to show how small the world has now become.
Looked the same as the original, and it also tasted the same as the original. But if you prefer traditional food over modern food or if you like both and you like to switch it up and thus have the best of both worlds per se, then we have a lot in common.
Visited my in-laws two hours outside of Casablanca, and I found this. A natural barrier between a freshwater river and the Atlantic Ocean. Breathtaking. Try creating this, and we will see how far you go.
I will be visiting the King Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca in a couple of days before I fly back to the United States just to experience it for myself. Built by the father of the current King, the mosque has an interesting story behind it. The mosque was actually built as a result of penny and nickel donations from all the citizens of Morocco. The King’s administrators were sent door to door to collect the penny and nickel donations from all Moroccans in order to build the mosque, and at one point, it was the largest mosque in the Islamic world after the Haram al-Sharif in Mecca. But when the United Arab Emirates (correct me if I’m wrong) decided to build the world’s largest mosque, the King Hassan II Mosque then became the largest mosque in Africa. In reality, the penny and nickel donation concept and idea is what keeps the Catholic Church alive to this day, and it’s virtually the same for Islam. Same ideas, same concepts, but different semantics and words due to the cultural and linguistic differences. And at its core, all the major religions preach the same thing, namely, that good deeds bring good karma, and bad deeds bring bad karma, with good karma translating into ataraxia in the Western tradition, fana in the Islamic tradition, and nirvana (peace of mind) in the Far Eastern traditions. And in turn, ataraxia, fana, and nirvana signify salvation. Thus, all the major religions deal with the same core concept, namely, salvation, and as a result, there is a soteriological basis and essence to all the major religions because the core concept and idea of all the major religions is exactly the same (salvation).
Ponder on all the aforementioned over a “nus nus” or “half and half” as they say in Morocco.

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