Rick’s Cafe, Casablanca, May 2023

Not completely like the setting in the movie (it’s missing the Nazi generals and the French policemen and the gambling and the casino) but the American diplomat who built this restaurant in the early 2000’s and was a commercial attaché at the American embassy here in Morocco had the right idea and the right kind of thought in mind when she built this restaurant as a sort of memorial and monument for the two main characters and two star-crossed lovers (Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund) in the famous 1940’s Hollywood movie “Casablanca”; For dinner, Prawn salad with Argan oil dressing, Ribeye medium well, and I haven’t decided what I’m getting for dessert yet.
Sorry about the glitch and the freeze in the video earlier. Or maybe it’s on my end. I’ve been having issues with uploading videos on the app for quite a while now. Could’ve done it later on my laptop, but couldn’t wait to be quite honest. It’s the anxious American in me. Hopefully this fixes it. If not, I’ll upload it again later. Like the old times, Sam.

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