Spacetime (Part Two)

And what is both intriguing and fascinating is that given that spacetime is an illusionary continuum, what matters is not necessarily our understanding of spacetime itself, but rather, our energy and vibration within spacetime and thus the “mattering” of spacetime. What is required, essentially, is a “discontinuous change” of one’s energy and vibration “from one energy level to another” through the course of spacetime, and this “discontinuous change” has been dubbed by some scientists as a “quantum leap” through spacetime. As one scientist wrote: “To talk about making a quantum leap…moves us into unknown territory, for it does not appear to be a linear trajectory or pathway, but rather a shift in energy and vibration.” 

A ‘quantum leap’ amounts largely to a “intra-play of continuity and discontinuity, determinacy and indeterminacy, possibility and impossibility that constitutes the differential spacetimematterings of the world.” Quantum leaps occur in “liminal or in-between spaces that have no direct correlates in our classical conceptualization of reality.” What follows is that such a transformation in energy and vibration “transcends our individuality and is about connection.” 

Moreover, and as Paul Levy wrote: “Each time an internal or external trigger causes us to quantum jump – in no time at all – from one ‘self’ or identity pattern to another, the whole world around us appears to change also, as if we have entered a parallel universe without knowing it.” Levy added: “The world of the previous self that had moments before been in the driver’s seat is typically forgotten about as if it had never existed. It is as though each of our selves comes with its own corresponding world.” 

Separation of two entities or two points in spacetime can actually be non-separation due to the aforementioned points and given the fact that energy and light can bridge the separation. In turn, virtually all motions and interactions within spacetime occur independent of time, given that quantum leaps or quantum jumps occur outside of time as Levy highlighted. And in reality, spacetime exists by virtue of us, not independently of us. As Levy wrote: “Space-time constitutes the phenomenal realm, whereas quantum objects exist in the noumenal realm outside of the confines of space-time. Space and time originate from a deeper dimension of existence that is not in space-time, but rather, in-forms space-time.” 

It has been said: “The ultimate processes of nature neither occur in, nor admit of representation in, space and time.” Levy also wrote: “Quantum physics compels us to think of the creator of the universe as working from a vantage point outside of time and space, just as the artist is outside their canvas.” In essence: “Space and time…don’t exist in and of themselves, at least in the way we have been conditioned to imagine them, but are anthropomorphic concepts, constructs of the mind.” In turn: “To the extent that we are asleep to the fact that space and time are merely constructions of the mind, we become conditioned to experience these constructs as if they existed outside of ourselves in the seemingly outer world. Relating to the world in this way is to become entranced by a false appearance (arising from the mind itself), which hides the real source of space and time as being within our minds.” 

It has been said that “there is no spacetime” and that space and time are secondary concepts and ideas to the primary concepts and ideas which can serve as a credible and legitimate theory of physical reality. Arguably, the power of the mind as well as mental and psychological conceptions and perceptions are far more important and are far more relevant in establishing an understanding or a theory of physical and social reality than spacetime. For instance, the manner in which gravity is keeping everything in spacetime together and is holding everything up in spacetime goes to show that spacetime merely scratches the surface of both the appearance and the truth of our physical and social reality. In reality, physical and social reality is conscious and psychic in origin. As Levy wrote: “In essence, the ideas of space and time are creations of the mind that serve as the screen upon which we project the contents of the depths of our mind, both conscious and unconscious.”

So much for mind-world dualism or the notion of a separation between mind and reality.

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