Consider or imagine a world in which stability and truth were anathema and taboo. Would that world be healthy or sustainable? Yet, that is exactly the kind of world we are living in, and this kind of world where stability and truth are anathema and taboo has been engineered and manufactured by people in Washington over the course of the last few decades. No longer does one have to imagine dystopia, for we are actually experiencing dystopia in real life given the fact that stability and truth have been made anathema and taboo in the Western mainstream. 

For stability, one needs truth, and for truth to contend with falsehood, there needs to be stability. One is necessary for the other to exist. And for anyone with even a semblance of common sense and logic, to engineer and manufacture a world where stability and truth are anathema and taboo would seem both dangerous and ridiculous. Yet, that is exactly the kind of world which Washington has manufactured for a number of decades now. America has been dubbed the “PTSD Nation” by one psychiatrist who was interviewed during one media interview. And one need not go any further than the fact that stability and truth have been made anathema and taboo by Washington in order to explain and understand why America is now a “PTSD Nation.” 

To perpetuate the status quo of rendering stability and truth as anathema and taboo is now reflected in the basic position and overall quality of the Democratic Party today, considering that all they have to offer or rather what they are seeking to impose on the American people is Joe Biden, a first-class liar and crook. The main concern of the Democrats, despite the fact that a multifaceted crisis is taking root in the international system, is positioning and setting up Joe Biden to steal yet another election. Hence, the anger, frustration, and the sense of indignation that comes with and in response to an “epistemic regime” or “inequality regime” of this kind. 

People are desperate for any kind of catharsis, decompression, de-stressing, release, relief, and response to the absurdity, crimes against humanity, denial of the existence of humanity, and the repression which stems from such an “epistemic regime” and “inequality regime” which is focused solely on making stability and truth anathema and taboo for as long as possible and in any way possible. Hence, the war over what constitutes reality is actually a war between two primary forces, namely, the force which seeks to render stability and truth as anathema and taboo on one hand, and the force which seeks to bring about stability and truth on the other hand. 

In a sense, the attempt to render stability and truth as anathema and taboo and the pushback against such a nefarious effort transcends a war over reality. In a sense, such a war can be considered a religious war, or a war of “religion versus religion” as Ali Shariati once said.  Shariati argued: “Two basic religions have existed in history, two groups, two fronts. One front has been oppressive, an enemy of progress, truth, justice, the freedom of the people, development and civilization. This front which has been to legitimate greed and deviated instincts and to establish its domination over the people and to abase others was itself a religion, not disbelief or non-religion. And the other front was that of the rightful religion and it was revealed to destroy the opposition front.” 

In turn, it is the job and task of every citizen and every human being to side with the right group in what amounts to a pan-religious or multi-denominational war between just two groups and two forces which cross national and religious boundaries and differences. Hence, to deem today’s war over reality as a mere war over reality would amount to a euphemism or an understatement. 

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