“To Mary” by Percy Bysshe Shelley

O Mary dear, that you were here With your brown eyes bright and clear. And your sweet voice, like a bird Singing love to its lone mate In the ivy bower disconsolate; Voice the sweetest ever heard! And your brow more... Than the sky Of this azure Italy. Mary dear, come to me soon, I am not well whilst thou art far; As sunset to the … Continue reading “To Mary” by Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Fire Next Time

Pope Francis made an intriguing statement a few years ago, when he said: “If no one can be held accountable, then everyone will be held accountable.” As mentioned before, accountability – along with transparency, truth, and justice – are byproducts of generalized and unitive knowledge. In turn, generalized and unitive knowledge are byproducts of philosophy … Continue reading The Fire Next Time

Do Not Conform

Whether generalization leads to specialization or whether specialization leads to generalization is an open question. In my case, specialization in U.S. Foreign Policy in my mid-20’s led to an approximately eight-year intellectual and spiritual journey that was exhaustive, interdisciplinary, and generalized. This intellectual and spiritual journey may in fact lead back to a particular specialty … Continue reading Do Not Conform