Place of Birth: New York, USA

Citizenship: USA

Date of Birth: December 1, 1988

Twitter: @AdamAAzim1

Objective: To continue writing and researching about international affairs and to maintain efforts as a social entrepreneur, business entrepreneur, and investment manager in order to initiate an endeavor into U.S. politics and ultimately into the field of diplomacy that will enable my participation in the formulation and implementation of U.S. foreign policy


American University (2010-2013)

  • M.A., International Affairs: U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Afghanistan, Broader Middle East, and South Asia Concentrations

George Mason University (2006-2009)

  • B.A., Double Major: Government and International Politics, History
  • Concentrations in U.S. Law and Government; History, Politics and Society in the Middle East

Work, Internships, and Activities

Second Book Project, October 2018-Present

  • Working on a second book project, the tentative title of which is The Worldview of an American-Muslim: Reflections and Thoughts on International Affairs

The Middle East Institute, Washington, DC, August 2018-October 2018

  • Engaging in a scientific and academic seminar on Middle Eastern civil wars and conceptualizing the ways and means to resolve them

Embassy of Afghanistan, Washington, DC, March 2018-August 2018

  • Volunteer Assistant to the Ambassador, assisting with speechwriting, policy analysis, and providing support to diplomats for papers and talking points
  • Team member in the Communication and Correspondence section of the embassy

Seminar on Islam and Politics with Dr. Peter Mandaville, George Mason University, January 2018-May 2018

  • Underwent a survey of issues and country-specific politics of the Islamic World, and concluded the class with a debate on the nature of Islam’s intersection with politics

Republican National Committee (2017-Present)

  • Sustaining Member

Book Project, January 2017-January 2018

  • Took the time to edit and compile previous blog materials and independent research into a book, the title of which is: Is The West In Decline? A Study of World Order and U.S. Relative Decline, published in January 2018

Public Opinions International (Kampala, Uganda), November 2016-January 2018

  • Contributing Writer and Director of the Washington, DC Chapter for a policy think-tank based in Kampala, Uganda

The Middle East Institute, October-November 2016

  • Underwent a regional studies course on the Middle East
  • Shared thoughts and research with policymakers and stakeholders in Washington
  • Received motivation and support for efforts from a range of individuals and personalities

The International Influence, September 2015-January 2017

  • Owner, founder, and developer of an online blog
  • Providing analysis, brainstorming and thoughts for my book, and thoughts pertaining to international politics and relations

Youth UN General Assembly, August 2016

  • Served as a natural complement to the Hague Peace Conference of 2015 by allowing the opportunity to explore the basic foundation of intergovernmental, super-national, and supranational organizations and its agenda (Peace, Security, Freedom and Human Rights, and Development)

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, June and July 2016

  • Underwent an intensive summer certificate program in order to gain a satisfying enrichment and enhancement of graduate-level education and past activities
  • Contributed greatly to and gained from graduate-level seminars relating to Strategy and Policy as well as Current Asian Security Issues

The Third Hague Peace Conference (The Hague, Netherlands), July 2015

  • Presented my research in the form of an essay approved by a strict jury of Dutch academics
  • Shared my thoughts through a short lecture on Peace and International Security before an international audience

Graduate Seminar on Afghanistan (American University), January 2014- May 2014

  • Shared expertise on Afghanistan
  • Took the lead in group discussions
  • Wrote professional-style papers and memoranda on the class topic
  • Tracked, studied, and analyzed events in Afghanistan

Aid Afghanistan for Education (Kabul, Afghanistan), November 2013-February 2014

  • Non-paid Board Member
  • Responsible for spreading awareness within the Afghan-American community
  • Initiated fundraising projects within the United States
  • Managed social media marketing

Foundation for Afghanistan (Washington, DC), May 2013-December 2013

  • Collaborated with the organization’s executive director on mission planning
  • Lead and designed a project intended to network Afghan Alumni worldwide

April 2013 USFP Capstone Conference (American University SIS, Washington, DC)

  • Presented semester-long research in a professional manner on U.S. Policy toward Afghanistan

Private Language Tutoring (American University, Washington, DC), Jan. 2013-May 2013

  • Tutored peers in Dari-Farsi often as well as on a weekly basis

Embassy of Afghanistan (Washington, DC), September 2012-December 2012

  • Conducted in-depth research on Afghan politics, economics, and culture
  • Strengthened Dari-Farsi skills
  • Networked within Afghanistan’s diplomatic core

National Council on Law Reporting (Nairobi, Kenya), May 2011-July 2011

  • Studied Kenyan case law
  • Gained familiarity with issues prevalent in the environment of developing nations

CIA Simulation Exercise (George Mason University), November 2009

  • One of only twenty individuals selected to attend a simulation held by the CIA at George Mason University
  • Successfully analyzed and managed a simulated national security crisis under the supervision of CIA officials

Azim Enterprises, LLC & May Realty, November 2009-Present

  • Real estate development and management
  • Financial affairs and managing assets and liabilities
  • Investment management

Law Offices of Fred M. Rejali/Vienna Law Group (McLean, VA), May 2008-August 2010

  • Gained familiarity with issues pertaining to International Politics and U.S. Policy toward Iran as a practicing paralegal in the area of Immigration Law
  • Kept unofficial ties with the founders of both firms and gained knowledge on Kurdistan issues
  • Conducted a range of clerical duties after minimal training and wrote letters extensively

Personal Information

Languages: English (Native), Dari and Farsi (Native)

Skills: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, LexisNexis, JSTOR, and SPSS;

Advising, Advocacy, Consulting, Counseling, Communication, Debate, Leadership, Management, Negotiation, Networking, Note-Taking, Organization, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Presentation, Research, Strategic Communication; Writing

Academic Writing, Case Study and Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Country Assessment, Discourse Analysis, Memorandum Writing, Persuasive Writing, Policy Analysis, Political Forecasting, Proposing Policy, Risk Assessment and Analysis, Speech Writing, Strategic Planning