The Mother of All Books

Perhaps the only thing standing in between the status quo and a tectonic shift in the international system is a mere acknowledgement or “recognition” of the truth. “The time is ripe” for an acknowledgment and “recognition” of the truth. Absent of acknowledgment and “recognition” of the truth is angst and torment. Thus, any further delay of acknowledgment and “recognition” leads to even more angst and torment.

Five centuries of obscurantism and global hegemony brings us to a crossroads. Either equilibrium will result in the international system over the course of the next few years, or the tectonic shift that is on the verge of happening will lead to a permanent change in the center of gravity and power in the international system from West to East. An equilibrium would mean a balance between secondary concerns and essentials on the part of both sides. Much of the focus during five centuries of obscurantism and global hegemony has been on secondary things on the part of the hegemonic powers, whereas a focus on essentials and a grasping of the essentials can prompt or induce the tectonic shift on the part of those who have been resisting hegemony in an asymmetric manner.

Once the essentials are grasped, the tectonic shift can occur. Complacency and envelopment in secondary things leave an opening for an individual or a set of individuals to unveil the singular ploy or the one or two tactics in the way of a tectonic shift. And in turn, the individual shapes current events and international affairs, as was suggested previously in the discussion about Rousseau’s “Natural Man.” As Sir Winston Churchill said: “It is better to be making the news than taking it; to be an actor rather than a critic.”

What leaves an opening for the individual to act and to induce the tectonic shift in the international system is perhaps the nature of the international system itself, which is characterized by change, flux, and uncertainty. No one is in charge, and no one is in control. Thus, when no one is in charge and when no one is in control, it may be possible for the individual “to be an actor” as Churchill put it, even if they are relatively unseen.

As a result, the tectonic shift occurs amidst an illusion of control and is perhaps induced by an individual that is relatively unseen. That is where the irony and humor of the situation derive themselves from. Acknowledgment and “recognition” of the truth amounts essentially to the acknowledgement and “recognition” of the individual who highlights and identifies the subtleties associated with the tectonic shift and the realization that the tectonic shift is happening amidst the illusion of control.

One can either marvel at the ongoing phenomenon and accept it for what it is, or angst and torment can set in, which in turn does nothing to change the reality that is materializing, albeit in a gradual and slow manner. Cause and effect, appearance and reality, singularities and paradoxes, as well as unities and dualities all converge upon the source of genius behind the authorship.

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