Never Give Up

As I mentioned before, entrepreneurship amounts essentially to the assumption of danger and risk for the achievement of a worthy goal. Thus, entrepreneurship is somewhat synonymous with strategy. And to a large extent, strategy cannot be taught from books. Strategy is to a large extent instinctual and intuitive, because the goals behind a strategy are different for every individual. That is not to discount the importance of education in building the instincts and the intuition needed for successful entrepreneurship. But as Mao Zedong said, there is no need to read every single person’s books. One has to be judicious about what to read.

In my teens, twenties, and now in my early thirties, I gave up the idea or goal of becoming a bureaucrat, lawyer, doctor, or engineer – much to the distraught of my family and the women in my life – to become an entrepreneur and writer venturing into unchartered waters. In turn, the psychological burden of assuming danger and risk instead of taking a “conservative” and “safe” path is immense. You end up losing the support of your family, community, and the women in your life for taking on danger and risk for a goal that is not even apparent to people, and the psychological burden of being in this type of situation is immense. I was also told to build my family wealth by becoming a real estate agent, given that my parents come from a real estate development and investment background. But money and assets should never be the end. Rather, money and assets are merely a means to an end or goal.

And the point is to never give up, and to never lose patience, even though I have felt like giving up and losing patience many times. Moreover, settling to become a bureaucrat, lawyer, doctor, and engineer only to satisfy transient desires is self-defeating. As Al-Ghazali said, desires turn kings into slaves, and patience turns slaves into kings. Thus, if there is a core principle to be taken into account and noted in entrepreneurship and writing, it is patience.

Also, entrepreneurship is mainly about offering a solution to a particular problem that exists in the world. Thus, the goal of entrepreneurship is problem-solving to a large extent, and the assumption is that the reward for entrepreneurship – whether it is money or prestige or anything else – comes as a result of solving a particular problem that society and the world faces. My entrepreneurial efforts and writing are tailored towards calling for openness and reform in regards to a decades-long whole-of-government policy that has now led to inflation and shortages from an economic standpoint, political dysfunction, and social turbulence around the globe. In turn, whether it is done through a state capacity or through academia and journalism, the goal is to address the issue of openness and reform regarding a long-standing whole-of-government policy that has largely failed.

Coronavirus is said to be the cause for the inflation and shortages, political dysfunction, and social turbulence that exists around the world today, according to Janet Yellen and others. But that is to deny a decades-long whole-of-government policy that built up to this particular situation. Thus, coronavirus may be a significant contributing factor. But coronavirus is not the cause of inflation and shortages, political dysfunction, and social turbulence.

Also, certain individuals will pose as obstacles to the achievement of your goals. But the point is not to annihilate or destroy people. Rather, the point is to subdue these people through one’s logic and rhetoric, even if it means lodging a few ad hominem attacks, barbs, and jabs here and there. But one needs to be measured in the employment of such tactics. These tactics have to be employed artfully and humorously, because tactics are part of a broader strategy and thus tactics should not undermine a strategy tailored towards the achievement of an important goal. In sum, not only do these aforementioned points help put my own efforts into perspective, but these points should also help other entrepreneurs and writers make sense of their own entrepreneurial efforts and writing endeavors.

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