Crimes of Passion

Another thing worth mentioning is that a person cannot join a bureaucracy or a political party on their own volition. Rather, a person has to be brought in by a bureaucracy or political party, and the bureaucracy and political party will have to want to bring a person in based on a subjective criterion. I cannot get up, leave my house, and walk into a government agency in Washington and voluntarily assume the duties of a military general, intelligence officer, or a diplomat.

Moreover, each bureaucratic agency and each political party have its own set of “Standard Operating Procedures” (SOP). But beyond these procedures and technicalities, there is something broader and deeper which prompts a bureaucracy or a political party to bring a person into their ranks. And that broader and deeper thing is cognition and mindset. You have to be as driven by senseless desires and passions, and you have to be as irrational as everyone else in the bureaucracy and political party in order to be brought in.

I mentioned that shortly after publishing my book in January 2018, the Ambassador of Afghanistan sent me an email through his secretary to come assist him in Washington. But the ambassador soon realized that I was not as irrational or driven by senseless desires and passions as he was. There were days where I simply did not have the will to show up because rather than being driven by irrationality and senseless passion, my efforts to go and actually show up at the embassy on a daily basis were offset by anxiety and paranoia. Once the ambassador was recalled to Kabul in August 2018, and once I was relieved of my volunteering duties, my anxiety and paranoia automatically went away. Moreover, there was nothing that could entice me to go work in Kabul, no matter how much money was involved.

Also, when my blog was gaining traction during the heat of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Johns Hopkins sent me an email out of the blue asking that I join their strategy and intelligence program. I applied just to test the waters, and in the Spring of 2021, I received word that they had chosen me out of a large number of applicants to join the program. But again, the anxiety and paranoia of the outcome of such an endeavor – which equated to being sent to a geopolitical backwater in order to tow a failed and obsolete government line – would offset any sense of irrationality and passion in my body.

Thus, foresight and intuition are mutually exclusive from the irrationality and senseless passions of bureaucracy and political parties. Instead of doing the right thing in order to preserve a global economic and security order twenty or thirty years ago, irrationality and senseless passion kicked in, and now the global economic and security order that has long been upheld by Washington is crumbling before our eyes, albeit in a gradual and slow manner. But I am not the one to fret and grieve over this, because the ones responsible for this situation should be held accountable.

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