Kali Yuga

Arguably, the two worst things that an American president and his administration can ask for is inflation and war. And coincidentally, these are the two things which have befallen Joe Biden and his administration, thus the prospect of a “Red Tsunami” in the coming years.

But as René Guénon wrote, such misfortunes – which also corroborate the famous “Murphy’s Law,” dictating that the worst things must happen at the worst time possible – conform to the “laws of matter” which have confounded the modern mentality and modern mode of thinking for the last few centuries. After all, beyond matter and its multiplicities and divisions and thus its confoundment and frustrations, nothing else of a higher order is perceivable and sensible to the modern mind. Thus, if the thinking and mentality does not change sooner than later, then the ill effects of such thinking will manifest in a variety of ways.

Moreover, this modern mentality and mode of thinking – which at its core gives precedence to materialism and quantity rather than spirituality and quality – has spread virtually everywhere. As Guénon wrote:

“It is true that the encroachments of the West are nothing new, but hitherto they have been confined to a more or less brutal domination over other peoples, whose effects went no deeper than the domain of politics and economics: despite all the efforts of a propaganda that worked under many different guises, the Eastern attitude of mind remained unaffected by all deviations, and the ancient traditional civilizations survived intact. Today, on the contrary, there are Easterners who are more or less completely ‘Westernized,’ who have forsaken their tradition and adopted all the aberrations of the modern outlook, and these denatured elements – led astray by the teachings of European and American universities – have become a cause of trouble and agitation in their own countries.”

Such individuals are well-known to many of us. However, there is a flipside, and as Guénon added:

“At the same time, their importance, at least for the moment, should not be exaggerated: Westerners are apt to imagine that these noisy but not very numerous individuals represent the East of today, whereas actually their influence is neither very widespread nor very deep. This mistake is easily explained, since the real Easterners make no effort at all to become known, and are therefore ignored by the West, while the modernists, if one may so call them, are the only ones who thrust themselves forward, make speeches, write, and indulge in all manner of outward activity. It is nonetheless true that this anti-traditional movement may gain ground, and all eventualities, even the most unfavorable, must be considered.”

Then, Guénon refers to the Kali-Yuga, which is seen by Eastern traditions as the current phase of world history coinciding with a situation defined by confusion and social strife before the peace arrives:

“The traditional spirit is already tending as it were to withdraw into itself, and the centers where it is preserved in its entirety are becoming more and more closed and difficult of access; this generalization of confusion corresponds exactly to what must occur in the final phase of the Kali-Yuga.”

Given that the anti-traditional and materialistic mentality is fundamentally opposed to a traditional and spiritual mentality and seeks to crush tradition and spirituality in virtually every way possible, it follows that the confusion and strife will intensify over the course of the next few years until the traditional and spiritual mentality wins out socially. And according to traditional narratives, the traditional and spiritual mentality must win out over the anti-traditional and materialistic mentality, given that the very nature of matter is degeneration and dispersal. Moreover, anti-traditional and materialistic discourse is a discourse of “negation”; this type of discourse seeks to negate metaphysical principles and truths of the East rather than standing for something. But until the peace arrives, tradition and spirituality are likely to hide themselves “in a shell” or in a “cave,” given how “odious” and “intolerable” the situation has become, only to come out when the “time is ripe” for tradition and spirituality to vindicate themselves in the face of the failings and ruins stemming from anti-traditional and materialistic thinking.

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