Same Shit, Different Day

Denying that an occupation is going on – which is a commonplace practice in Washington – is equal to denying, for instance, that China exists. Both, as a matter of fact, are equal denials of an equal reality. Also, as a matter of fact, no occupation in the history of mankind has ever lasted indefinitely. At least personally, I cannot recall a single instance whereby an occupation has lasted indefinitely. And inherent in the very nature of an occupation are moral and legal transgressions such as forced evictions and attacking a funeral and so forth, which in turn stem from cultural backwardness, barbarism, greed, and stinginess, all of which are qualities and tendencies that are underpinned most basically by a sense of entitlement and a sense of racial and religious superiority. In turn, the sense of entitlement and the sense of racial and religious superiority suggest arrogance and hubris more than anything else.

As mentioned before, law is determined by the “balance of power.” But what determines the balance of power is not exactly known by empirical science. Because the exact determinants and factors of the balance of power are not exactly known, it is perhaps reasonable to suggest that for instance, karma, good judgment, knowledge, and wisdom are equal in weight and power – if not greater – than any other possible factor which can determine the balance of power.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden’s robotic and slavish rounds to Israel and Saudi Arabia come at a time when the ‘balance of power’ is against him both domestically and globally. Biden lost the balance of power to Donald Trump in recent days and weeks when the lame-duck nature of both his decisions and his personal tendencies became even more clear to people. And after November, there is a chance that the intimidation and the subpoenas of Liz Cheney, Jamie Raskin, and a few others will be going the other way around.

I mentioned that political speech – which is protected by the ‘First Amendment’ of the U.S. Constitution – encompasses the actions and the circumstances which prompt the political speech. This is due to a basic rule of logic, namely, cause and effect. Without the cause – namely, the actions and the circumstances – you cannot have the effect, namely, political speech. As a result, to incriminate a person for political speech because of the actions and the circumstances which underlie the political speech is a logical fallacy. Hence, the likelihood that there will no longer be a ’January 6 Select Committee’ after November, and then Merrick Garland can continue sitting on his hands.

As mentioned before, experience is the true source of knowledge, at least from a social science perspective. Given that there is a basic ‘hierarchy of knowledge,’ it follows that empirical knowledge is a stepping stone to the higher knowledge which is derived from experience. As someone with an Afghan background, insight and understanding as to what is going on in Washington, for instance, comes from the experiences derived from one’s background inter alia. While all of these circumstances and events may come as a shock or a surprise for an ordinary American or for someone in Washington, for someone with an Afghan background, it is all the same shit, but a different day.

Thus, in the deciphering and understanding of not only current events, but also of the social sciences, there is an empirical approach on one hand, and there is ‘phenomenology’ or a phenomenological approach underpinned by experience on the other hand. Edmund Husserl, who is considered by Westerners to be the founder of ‘phenomenology,’ wrote: “The World is the totality of objects that can be known through experience (Erfahrung), known in terms of orderly theoretical thought on the basis of direct present (aktueller) experience.” Because experience is complex and diverse, it follows that openness and laxness apply in terms of the method used for phenomenological research and inquiry. Husserl wrote in this regard: “This is not the place to discuss in greater detail the method proper to a science of experience or to consider how such a science justifies its claim to transcend the narrow framework of direct empirical givenness.”  

Moreover, facts are not alien to experience. As a matter of fact, experience can elucidate certain facts and certain phenomena which then explain reality both concisely and parsimoniously. Although experience as a method of knowledge is something alien and foreign to the academic and scientific mainstream of Anglo-America, it is perhaps something for the mainstream in Anglo-America to consider down the road or even sooner rather than later.

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