Loose Change

By now, everyone knows that Donald Trump is not the kind of person to shy away from controversy and debate, even in the face of fear-mongering and intimidation on the part of those in Washington. And with his recent comments at a golf event this past day or so, Trump has yet again revived a controversy and a debate that will perhaps never go away, even if people in Washington want to wish it away with their “Havana Syndrome” inflicted minds or label all of it as a “conspiracy theory” and lunacy, namely, the issue of what exactly happened in both the lead-up to 9/11 as well as on the day of 9/11, which one must note, stands as perhaps the most shocking and traumatic day in recent human history and human memory. One should note that 9/11 impacted everyone’s lives in an adverse and negative way, not just American lives. Thus, it would only be fair if the controversy and debate never dies down until true accountability and justice based on established international legal mechanisms to address such issues is brought about.

Based on certain journalistic accounts, John Bolton and a few others planned the 2003 Iraq War as early as 1996 or 1997, well before 9/11 was even on anyone’s radar within the defense and intelligence apparatus in the United States or elsewhere.

Also, based on first-hand accounts which I have personally heard from individuals who lived in Alexandria, Arlington, and the vicinity of the Pentagon, there was no sound of an airplane during the immediate moments or seconds before the collision with the Pentagon building. Rather, what was heard during the minutes and seconds before the collision with the Pentagon building was the whistling sound of a projectile or missile, based on the accounts which I personally heard from people who were in Alexandria and Arlington during the minutes and even seconds before the attack on the Pentagon occurred.

The invasion of Afghanistan was also planned well before 9/11 by a very small circle of neocons. Hamid Karzai, one must note, was a bummed-out personal secretary of an insignificant religious cleric in Peshawar, a city in Pakistan which is near the border with Afghanistan. Karzai hooked up with Wendy Chamberlin, a prominent Washington insider who has been the president of the liberal and white-washed think tank known as the “Middle East Institute” and most importantly was the American Ambassador to Pakistan during the crucial years leading up to 9/11. Chamberlin gave the go-ahead to those at the top for Karzai to become the leader of a post-Taliban Afghanistan, even before 9/11 occurred.

As a student and then an independent researcher both inside Washington as well as on the immediate outskirts of Washington, the aforementioned pieces of information – along with much of the other information I have been able to gather – were bits and pieces of information I picked up along the slow and steady course of many years which coincided with the genuine curiosity and simplicity of youth, until finally, one overcomes the gullibility and simplicity of youth in order to draw complex inferences as well as the conclusion that the best pretext for the “fiascoes” or the “stupidity” to borrow from the late American scholar Irving Janis was something as crooked and shady as 9/11. Because of the mere fact that the controversy and debate surrounding 9/11 can seemingly never go away, it would perhaps be wise for the cowardly, impudent, and shameless cover-up artists in Washington and elsewhere in the American mainstream to stop labeling the controversy and debate as a “conspiracy theory” or lunacy, not only out of respect for the victims of 9/11 and their families, but also out of respect for the countless people from around the world – including myself – whose lives were forever impacted in an adverse and negative way by this sad and tragic event. As one Afghan proverb puts it: “You cannot hide the sun with two fingers.”

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