The Reckoning

One of the guiding principles I have used in making connections between disparate and various facts and pieces of information and in fomenting analysis and inferences from the facts and information before me is that for the most part, the similarities between people outweigh the differences. Thus, when Black Americans call for politicians and leaders to “Defund the Police” because of the deliberate attempt on the part of law enforcement to impose a choking, overbearing, and suffocating presence in neighborhoods where the majority of people are people of color – or when White America adopts a motto suggesting “American Carnage” – all of it suggests the visceral disgust and frustration towards the fearmongering, liberal provocations, and the circulation of weapons and violence both inside of America and abroad which emanate from a few monsters and sharks at the top of the American corporate and social pyramid. As a result, the visceral emotion and feeling of disgust and frustration is an emotion and feeling that transcends the racial and ideological differences which might exist between Americans. 

As Rousseau argued, the “natural man” who is borne out of the natural state of minimalism and simplicity is essentially benign and harmless, despite the imagery and soundbites used by the mainstream media to frame such individuals. It is the modern man with the shaved beard, bulging eyes, cunning looks, suit and tie, annoying voice, negative energy, toxicity, and the smart mouth, driven by avarice and greed, who is the corrupt and cruel one and is the one whom everyone should fear. If anything, the images and soundbites used by the media to characterize or portray the “natural man” in places like Afghanistan or the Middle East as the cruel and scary one without providing any background or history is a form of self-projection on the part of modern men such as Philip Mudd, David Petraeus, H.R. McMaster, and many others. 

Corruption and cruelty emanating from the top of the corporate and social pyramid means that Americans must consume about 75 percent of the world’s drugs and medicines, even though Americans make up only about 4 percent of the world’s population. Thus, the confluence of fearmongering, liberal provocations, and the ecology of violence fostered by American corporate and social elites has led to a health crisis rather than a healthcare crisis. The health crisis takes precedence over the healthcare crisis. Moreover, many things are interconnected. One can argue that the health crisis relates to ‘State Department’ projects aimed at suppressing Islam. All the empirical junk and “war games” and “simulations” and flashy data points and ornate graphs and statistical models which have come out of Washington regarding Vietnam and Afghanistan will most likely meet the same fate as the ones which will be conjured up for Ukraine and Taiwan.

There is a verse in the Holy Quran which suggests that when the “reckoning” arrives – with the “reckoning” having both figurative and literal connotations – the “inhabitants of hell” will blame one another for their failures. This is demonstrated by scenes such as when the ‘National Security Adviser’ of Afghanistan blames Washington for the embarrassment and humiliation resulting from two decades of nonsense and stupidity, whereas Washington blames Afghanistan’s president, all while Afghanistan’s president blames the neocon who put all this nonsense and stupidity into motion about two decades ago. The neocon will perhaps blame the financial sector for providing a financial cushion for the nonsense and stupidity, and as we are seeing now, the financial sector will blame Washington for not managing the situation properly and will turn on Washington as the “reckoning” approaches. Washington is now scrambling to find its own scapegoat to cast blame on for all the failures, and the top two candidates thus far are Donald Trump and the coronavirus. All this goes to show that each is seeking his or her own salvation by casting blame on the other as the “reckoning” approaches. Some points about “catastrophic outcomes” and the “reckoning” as a result of the ‘neoconservative’ and ‘neoliberal’ ‘world order’ will be made in the next blog article.

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