West Virginia, October 2022

Located in the eastern panhandle of the state of West Virginia and perched within the Appalachian mountain range, Berkeley Springs is a small town of about 800 people. Berkeley Springs is famous for its therapeutic hot mineral spring water, which originates from the Appalachian mountains and thus the town is famous for its hot mineral baths. The town was originally named “Bath” by the Virginia legislature during the colonial era, and it is actually the sister town of the town of ‘Bath’ in England. Berkeley Springs is considered to be the first ever American resort and spa town, and it remains famous to this day by virtue of George Washington’s occasional retreats to this town.
Where George Washington used to immerse himself during his occasional retreats here in Berkeley Springs.
The first ever American spa — known as “The Renaissance Spa” — is actually located inside the town’s “Country Inn” which is adjacent to the park where George Washington’s bathtub is located.
The Old Roman Bathhouse, located in the town’s state park right next to the country inn, is the American equivalent of a Middle Eastern “Hammam” but with the added benefit of private individual baths. Given that the water here is mineral rich, the water actually has a certain degree of buoyancy, according to the manager of the bathhouse.
The man himself. Along the path down the stairs of the country inn are three plaques, one of which says “Make Haste Slowly.” The other says “Grow Where Ye Are Planted.” And the last one says “Take Time to Smell The Flowers.”

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