Rough translation: “The spring breeze came early, and it brought me your fragrance and scent. In both word and deed, it’s clear that all I ever wished for is you. Like a flower that opens up at sunrise, this broken heart opened up to you as it spoke and conveyed its true words and thoughts. I sacrificed everything for love. I’ve grown older, and yet I’m still playing hide-and-go-seek with childish ones. Ironically, the only game I ever knew how to play well when I was a kid was hide-and-go-seek. I never saw kindness from her, even though I’ve spent a lifetime seeking it. Now, it brings me to tears, given that it cost me my youth and prime. That troublemaker didn’t know my worth and value. At night, allow me, my dear, to tell you my deepest secrets. I was told to never be egotistical or to be servile to all and sundry. I was also told to never serve as a pillar for a home and place that has no ceiling or roof. Killing the meek and vulnerable is the norm in this day and age. However, since I’m flawed myself, I’m giving up on pointing out the flaws of others. I’m perhaps worse than others. I was also told to never become a voice and spokesperson for the haughty and impudent. For one’s gamesmanship, a little bit of fun, freedom, and pleasure is well-deserved. Let me attain this little bit of fun, freedom, and pleasure, given that I’ve become the world’s smartest man. But for clarification’s sake, and to be totally clear, you should know that I will never stop being crazy.

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