“Ba Lab Harf” – به لب حرف

Original Artist: Farhad Darya. Rough Translation: “When these words come out, my love, they don’t express the pain that goes on inside. I carry with me tearful eyes along with sad experiences and memories, my love. And to top it all off, the worry that everything around us will fall apart has overtaken me. In place of a broken heart, melancholy and sadness have built and erected themselves. The flowery beauty of that face can give spring to all lovers. And the fragrance of her hair gives life to love. Her cheerful and happy speech, is as beautiful and pleasant as the greatest poems and ghazals that one can find. And now, I am caught in her grip, but I don’t know what she wants. I do love her, so I don’t know what else she would want other than this love. My whole existence and life was destined and meant for building this enterprise and this intellectual empire. And I have dedicated and gifted it all to her, so I don’t know what else she would want.”

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