“Hawas e Manzil e Laila” – هوس منزل لیلا

Artist: Nashenas. Lyrics: Allama Muhammad Iqbal Lahori. One of the most difficult songs I’ve ever tried my hand at. Apologies for the slight brain freeze at the beginning. Multi-tasking in this manner isn’t easy. Rough Translation: “The desire to see the Beloved, is something that neither you have nor I have. The ability to withstand the heat and the fire, is something that neither you have nor I have. I’m a young wine-giver, and you’re aged like fine wine. Our system doesn’t have the thirst for such intoxication, and neither does yours. The light has been concealed and contained to a certain extent, because the ability to withstand the light which struck Moses on Mount Sinai is something that neither you have nor I have. No longer can we tell the story of Joseph, the lost one. The throbbing of Zuleikha’s heart is something which neither you can handle nor I can handle. It was pure luck which enabled us to establish a stream in this empty land. Yet, despite establishing the stream, neither you have a fragment of knowledge about the essence, nor do I.”

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